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Welcome to the HERE Maps beta program for Android

If you're interested in getting the most advanced, cutting-edge navigation on your Android phone, sign up to our HERE Maps beta program for Android. The beta program offers testers the opportunity to try out the latest features before we include them on HERE Maps, and your feedback means we'll be able to make future versions even better.

By signing up to the program, you’ll be able to play with new features like one-touch navigation and bike directions — which appear first in beta versions of HERE Maps. Sure, most features make it to the final version in the app store, but who doesn’t want to be first in the queue?


You’ll also be helping us, and we’ll be able to use your honest and open feedback to discover and fix more issues and bugs, add even more features and make our navigation more comprehensive and reliable than ever before.

You can sign up to the HERE Maps beta program today – all you’ll need is an Android device running Android 4.1 or higher, 1GB of RAM and a screen that measures between 4 and 6.9 inches.

Want to join? Follow the simple steps below:

1) Visit this link on your mobile device and click on Become a Tester.

2) Open the Play Store app on your mobile device and install or update HERE Maps with the beta version by choosing Update or Install.

3) Use the app as you normally would and tell us what you think or report problems using the Feedback option in the HERE Maps menu of the app or email us directly at beta@here.com.

Please note, the beta version will replace the regular HERE Maps on your device. Because the beta app will have features that are still a work in progress, the app may appear less stable or not behave as expected. Please let us know when that happens: it will help with the development process!

It might take a short while for the beta version to be available from Google Play after becoming a tester. If you still have trouble installing HERE Maps beta, restart your Play Store app.

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