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Who won the SAP and HERE IoT App Challenge?

HERE and SAP challenged developers to create innovative mobile apps that leverage the IoT, address new use cases and potentially deliver value to businesses.

The SAP and HERE IoT App Challenge launched in December 2015 with a series of web seminars to help those interested better understand how to quickly develop, deploy and manage IoT applications using the SAP HANA Cloud Platform and APIs from the HERE Platform for Business.

The submissions were judged by representatives from HERE and SAP on criteria in the following categories: user experience, functionality/innovation, customer appeal, business value and overall use of location intelligence services by HERE.

Winners were announced today in Orlando, Florida during the annual SAP Sapphire conference. We are pleased to congratulate Peter Brack, manager Business Geo Intelligence, Fichtner IT Consulting AG for “Best Industry App” for BGI GridAnalytics; and Sven Roehl, head of Insurance Innovation at msg global solutions, Canada for “Best Cross Industry App” for the Internet of Things Analyzer.


We spoke with both winners to find out more about the ideas behind their apps.

BGI GridAnalytics

Fichtner IT Consulting AG is the IT competence center of Fichtner Group, one of Germany’s largest independent firm of consulting engineers. The firm specializes in central utilities infrastructure with a strong focus on business geo intelligence. Peter says HERE has been a preferred partner since 2009 and the company has also been a user of SAP HANA technology.

“The challenge combined everything we focus on,” he says. “The BGI GridAnalytics solution framework based on SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) and HERE Location Platform (HLP) provides utilities with valuable support concerning the management of their assets.


The solution offers a complete 360-degree view on all assets and their distribution pattern. All information on current, historical and predicted power generation is visualized at a glance to allow reliable conclusions on key aspects such as maintenance plans, potential power feeds or tour optimization for field service workers.’

A utility company can upload its power station data onto the BGI GridAnalytics platform and the app analyzes current power generation data to predict future generation via the HERE weather API — minimizing offline time. Previously, weather information was not integrated with asset information in the utility industry.

In another use case, maintenance can be optimized as technicians are able to view power stations on the map and see those with low power generation or those that are predicted to go red.


In the next iteration, the analytical and geospatial views will be integrated with transactions in the ERP to create real-time work orders to send the technicians out to the field where and when they are needed.

“Connecting technical data from SAP and GIS with business data opens a complete new understanding of utility grids based on actual revenue of assets and network.” Peter says. “Integration of sensor data and latest HERE weather forecasts enable smart solutions for damage assessment, network load analysis, simulation and forecast.”

SAP Products used: Connectivity Services, Internet of things services (planned), SAP HANA Cloud Portal, Persistence Services, HCI OData Provisioning, Debugging Applications

HERE Services and Content used: HERE Location Platform, Geocoding, Advanced routing (calculateIsoline), Map Display, Weather API; Route Optimization Service

Internet of Things Analyzer (IoTA)

Sven heads up the Insurance Innovation Lab at msg global, where his team always has an eye on the future, creating new products to leverage the transformative power of the IoT. msg global is an IT solution partner for the insurance and banking industry.

A few years back, the company developed a mobile app to collect data about driver behavior — the new IoTA app now applies analytics to data in order to make better business decisions.

You can learn more about IoTA in the following video, that msg global team created to support their application to the SAP and HERE IoT App Challenge.



“IoTA is a built on the latest SAP technology and is a tool that helps collect, monitor, analyze, model and report on IoT data,” Sven explains. “IoTA can be used on existing hardware and software for processing data collected from service providers, sensors and many other end points.”

There are two core components to IoTA — the data center and and scoring engine. The data center cleans, enriches, structures and stores data, whereas the scoring engine allows users to create attributes and build models to suit the needs of the business. HERE provides enriched location data and route matching capabilities.

In one use case, using IoTA auto insurers can conduct more accurate risk analysis and build new models to produce better rates. Insurance Risk has always been based on historical information and assessed by actuaries using complicated calculations.


For example, a young driver with a certain type of car is typically assigned a higher rate. But, if actual driver behavior is tracked and the risk evaluated using real-time data, the results might reveal a very safe driver. Similar use cases are already playing out in health insurance, where wearable devices can encourage healthy behavior. In the dental industry, data from smart toothbrushes could be used to encourage better hygiene habits.

“We are not only helping create better risk categories and individual ratings, we are also creating new use cases and helping companies build rewards programs and offer new insurance products,” says Sven.

SAP Products used: SAP VI (Vehicle Insight) on SAP HCP [Vehicle Data], SAP SV Hana [Database], SAP Fiori [Actuary Workplace] Extensions: SAP Hybris Commerce [Customer/User Portal], SAP Lumira [Reporting],SAP Predictive Analytics (planned)

HERE Services used: Mobile Asset Management (MAM) Tracking, Mobile Asset Management Basic Routing, Telematics for MAM Basic Routing, Mobile Asset Management Routing, Optimization for MAM Advanced Routing, Platform Data Extension, Route Match Extension,Telematics MapView

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