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Update your HERE offline maps for Android and iOS

HERE Maps features downloadable offline maps for 156 countries and provides turn-by-turn navigation guidance in 110 countries. With the latest map update, you can now drive in Zambia, too. Other major updates this time around include improved transit geometry and display of house numbers

To help you find your destination, we are now showing house numbers in more areas such as Canada, Iceland, Moldova and Mayotte. Take a look at the map to see numbers noting building locations even in more remote areas. Always showing the house numbers is especially helpful for professional drivers looking to confirm their location.


New cities and more accurate public transit information

With this map update we show transit lines in 20 more cities in Russia and full national transit maps for Taiwan and Israel. We are also showing more accurate geometry for transit lines in Madrid, Barcelona, Turin, Budapest, Melbourne, Cologne, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, New Delhi and Pittsburgh.


The already existing public transit coverage for more than 1,200 cities is regularly updated with schedules from local transit agencies.

To see how detailed the transit coverage is in your city, you can use the helpful tool on our help pages.

How to update your offline maps

It is no longer required to be signed in to HERE Maps to download offline maps, however we recommend you to do so because you can add your favorite places to Collections.

On Android and iOS, you'll get a notification from us when it's time to go in and update it, simply follow the instructions given to update your downloadable maps. Updating the maps is easy, however we suggest you connect to a Wi-Fi network to save your mobile data.

  1. Open HERE Maps on your device
  2. Tap the menu icon in the top bar or swipe right from the left edge of the screen
  3. Tap ‘Download maps’ in the menu
  4. Tap the ‘Update all’ button.


Please note that you need to restart the app in order to see the new changes on the map.

Check your apps for updates now. If you’re not sure whether you have the latest updates, open the HERE Maps menu, tap on About and you should see 8.30.62.xxx next to the HERE logo.

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