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HERE in Berlin: 3 great public transit destinations

Berlin has no shortage of attractions to keep the voyeuristic visitor and the deeply immersed dweller entertained, but what about those less-frequented corners of the city? Let’s take a look at three interesting Berlin/Brandenburg spots you may not have heard of and the best ways of getting to them.

In general, Germany has a pretty good reputation when it comes to getting around in its cities. Trains run on time, the U-Bahn (underground rail service) is clean and your bus ticket is often also valid for the U-Bahn, S-Bahn (fast train service) and tram. And if you’re really lucky, in a city like Berlin, there are times when your single ticket fare will let you travel via boat too.

Alt-Kladow – boating bliss

Getting to Alt-Kladow by public transit is an experience in itself. From Wannsee S-Bahn station you can stroll down to the pier and hop onto the F10 ferry, which will take you on a relaxing 20 minute ride to the other side of the lake.

Once you’re back on dry land, there’s a fantastic beer garden for you to stop at. Order a drink and a bowl of German lentil soup to slurp while you listen to the tinkering sounds of anchored sailboats and take in a stunning view of Lake Wannsee. If you want to stay in Alt-Kladow a little longer, have a walk along the Immchenallee, spotting grand villas and birch trees along the way.


Woltersdorf – a vintage village

It’s not every day that you get to travel on a tramline that has been in operation since 1913 but if you fancy a day out in Brandenburg, this is exactly the ride you should take.


A small vintage tram will take you from Rahnsdorf S-Bahn station, right into the heart of Woltersdorf, a village with a lot to offer. Cross the lake via the lock and take a walk past the “Liebesquelle” (love well), up the mini mountain to the observation tower and back down to the cobblestone streets lined with old houses.
This place is a great escape from the bright lights of Berlin.

Grunewald – sand dunes in the forest

This sub-heading may sound a lot like the title of a new album from Berlin’s latest electro band but it is in fact the reality of a nature reserve site within the forest of Grunewald, in the west of Berlin.


A ride on the S-Bahn lines S5 or S7 will get you to Grunewald Station, from where a short stroll through the large forest will eventually lead you to a 32-acre sand dune. That’s right, 32 acres of the lush green forest area, covered by golden sand and surrounded by tall trees. It’s a sight to behold.


So there are three of our favourite lesser-known locations to take public transit to in Berlin. Let us know in the comments section if you have any great places to add.

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