BMW 7 Series offers advanced HERE-powered navigation

Jere Suikkila
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When it comes to the new BMW 7 Series, Men’s Journal calls it “one of the most high-tech rides money can buy.” So when it came to incorporating advanced navigation features like a places search optimized for cars and 3D building models, BMW turned to its long-time partner HERE.


Search for Cars

Entering destinations into a car navigation system has long been a cumbersome, time-consuming process for drivers.

HERE simplifies how BMW drivers can search for places. Drivers can speak to the BMW system or type into the touchscreen or scrawl into the idrive controller, which has character recognition. The driver doesn’t need to know the address or even exact destination for the system to recognize the driver’s destination – she can even ask her BMW to “take me to the next golf course” or “Find parking at Munich airport.”


Often, before the driver is even done typing, the system, powered by HERE location intelligence, has figured out where she wants to go based on the location context. Let’s say for example, that you’re in Munich and you want to go to the central railway station (“Hauptbahnhof” in German). If you start typing “mun hau” the quick search functionality from HERE will know that you want to go to the central station based on your location and not say Münster. It will then guide you to the railway’s parking garage or car entrance rather than the map display position that might be better suited to pedestrians.

Most of the BMW 7 Series is designed to be controlled through speech and gestures. It brings together the ease drivers have come to expect with their consumer devices with the precision engineering of BMWs.

Location Context in 3D

The new BMW 7 Series will also feature advanced 3D city models developed by HERE and implemented by Harman. This is one of the first in-dash implementations of this flagship HERE product, which displays map information to drivers in a way that better mimics reality.

When a complex intersection is presented with perspective on buildings and with detailed road and lanes views, it gives drivers the information they need to better plan driving maneuvers and more easily follow navigation instructions. Specifically designed for drivers, it presents necessary information in a true to life way, without cluttering the screen with too much detail.

BMW 7 Series drivers will see complete areas of the HERE map in 3D, including roads, landmarks and buildings, with seamlessly integrated bridges, parks and rivers for cities around the world.

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