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Discover the new transit features in HERE Maps

Transit timetables and directions are some of the best features of HERE Maps and my personal favorites. To navigate easier, we are introducing a bunch of new features that are rolling out to HERE Maps on both Android and iOS. Read on to find out what’s new in your version.

First, we have transit now available in more than 1000 cities. In addition to that, 66 regions and cities got updated with full transit coverage – to name a few: Bouches Du Rhone Montpellier, Fargo, Florida, Lyon, New Orleans, New York City, Santiago, Sardinia, Toscana and Washington DC.


Transit refresh

Sometimes it’s difficult to leave, we get it. Maybe there’s another round of good-byes or drinks to get through. If you calculated a transit route earlier and missed your way out for some reason, tap refresh to find the next connection. Just make sure you don’t miss the last train of the night.

You know that feeling when your transit application doesn’t take into account your super-human speed to get through the metro station? If you are using HERE for Android, you will see a few past transit routes to make sure you have a chance to catch that train by sliding down the escalator.


Transit offline, because... well, underground

We’ve radically improved the way transit routes work when you don’t have a network signal. If you are thinking of changing your travel plans, getting answers before the next stop is important, which is why we optimized the offline routing to give you the top three results.

Because your connection might be spotty at best, HERE for Android will automatically detect that and give you a route based on the offline map data. But remember to download the map of the area ahead of time.

More details of your stops and journey

On HERE for iOS we are testing and rolling out two new features that surface more detailed transit information.

Public transit rarely takes you from door-to-door, which is why we have included walking directions in your transit routes.

Tap on a transit station on the map to browse details including transit modes from the station, the route of your bus or train, and next departures from that station. Glancing at the next departures is especially useful when you know your way but are not sure when the next bus leaves.


Urban Mobility

Optimize on-demand and scheduled mobility operations to enable seamless intermodal journeys.

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