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HERE Maps for iOS updated with 3D Touch and three more features

We’ve updated the award-winning HERE Maps for iOS with 3D Touch and three more new features to make navigating your life even faster. You can now tap the icons on the map for more info, press-and-hold is now a quick menu for the location and more. Oh, and which award was this, you ask? The “Best Automotive App” award 2015 from Auto Bild!

1. Tap the map

On the map, place icons for stores, sights and transit stations are interactive so that you can tap them to see more details such as opening hours, phone number and their website. Just like discovering the place after a search, you can collect the place, find the best way there or share it with your friends. Some places will include reviews and photos from TripAdvisor or other sources.


2. Take the shortcut

Tap-and-hold anywhere on the map for the shortcut to directions, turn-by-turn navigation, collecting the place or sharing a location. You’ll see the exact address of the location on the top of your screen making it easy to peek for the exact address.


3. Home sweet home

It’s been a long day shopping and you just want to get home. We understand. That’s why you can save your home address and get the best way home by tapping the home icon in the top-right corner of the map view. This feature has been in testing for English-language phones and will now be available in all languages supported by HERE Maps.

4. Use the force (touch)

If you have the iPhone 6s or 6s Plus, you can get home in one press using 3D Touch. Once you’ve saved your home address, simply press and hold the HERE Maps icon from the home screen to get routes home from your current location.


Your home address will also appear on the top of the list when setting your destination. If you move house and need to change the stored address, tap the three dots on top of the distance to edit your home address.


Try out the new features today and let us know what you think below!

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