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Get transit directions in more than 1,000 cities with HERE Maps

HERE public transit coverage has significantly expanded recently, bringing the total to more than 1,000 cities and metro areas. These are the latest additions to the list of places where you can get public transit routes and, where available to us, times.


In Canada: Sault Ste. Marie, ON; Whitehorse, YK

In the USA: Blacksburg, VA; Bloomington, IN; Charleston, SC; Charleston, WV; Fargo-Moorhead, ND, MN; the state of Florida; Grand Rapids, MI; Oklahoma City, OK; Sioux Falls, SD; Terre Haute, IN.


In Argentina: Mendoza.

In Brazil: Apucarana; Blumenau; Campina Grande; Campo Grande; Chapecó; Fortaleza; Hortolândia; Indaial; Jaraguá do Sul; Londrina; Maringá; Palhoça; Ponta Grossa; Vale do Paraíba; Vitória da Conquista.

In Chile: Concepción; Región de Los Lagos; Valparaíso.

In Venezuela: Caracas.


In France: Brest; Cahors; Metz; Saint-Brieuc.

In Italy: Benevento; Brescia; Chieti; Emilia; Foggia; Gorizia; Liguria; Mantua; Naples; Padua; Pordenone; Rome; Siracusa; Taranto; Toscana; Trapani; Trento; Treviso; Venice; Verona.

In Spain: La Palma.

In the Philippines: Manila.


Remember, every city on the list might have several public transit providers local to that area. There are thousands of agreements, feeds and updates that need to be established and plumbed into our databases to achieve this level of coverage.

Also of note, over the last few map updates, we have been reworking the way that train and tram lines are portrayed on our maps.

Rather than just lines between stations (though that’s all you need for routing, of course), we’ve been working with new data sources to more accurately follow their actual geography. The total number of cities with this new, more realistic depiction of transit lines has now topped 200 and continues to grow with each new release. The regions included are worldwide, though the number of cities with this new detail in Brazil, Russia and the USA have increased most considerably. In the following example you can see how even the Berlin tram lines are accurately following all the turns in the network.


To update your downloaded maps on iOS and Android, go to ‘download maps’ in the menu, and simply click the ‘update’ button. Note that transit directions in the new areas listed above are automatically added, so you don’t have to do anything.

Do you work with or for a transit agency? It’s possible for authorised agents to share data directly with HERE to have routes, stops and other information displayed on our maps. Start here.

image credit: Stephy Miehle


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