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Master HERE Maps for Android and iOS with 10 super-quick tips

We aim to make HERE for Android ­­and iOS as simple as possible to use. So, read on as we show you how to get the best from HERE with these 10 quick tips and two spoilers of what’s coming next.


1. Switch to night mode

Do you find the regular colours on HERE maps a bit too bright? Switching to the more subdued night mode couldn't be easier - tap the menu button in the top right-hand corner, hit Settings, and press 'Day/night view'. Pick which type of map you prefer, and you're good to go.

2. Switching languages on the go

If you’re heading abroad, there’s a good chance you’ll want to master the local language, and HERE can help you do just that, at least when it comes to directions. Having turn-by-turn directions in the language of the country you’re in could prove invaluable, letting you direct your taxi driver to your hotel, or even just giving you a head start when it comes to pronouncing street names or places of interest properly. Just tap the menu button, hit Settings and then select 'Voice options'. All you need to do then it tap 'Download voice' and pick your preferred language to switch.

3. Head offline

Scared of running over your data limit for the month? You can easily switch HERE to offline mode, making sure it doesn't eat up any more data - just tap the menu button and switch the 'Use app offline' toggle, letting you search and navigate with HERE without needing an internet connection.

4. Find your location

While it's easy to browse the area you're in using HERE, it's also easy to lose track of your location as you pan. All it takes is a tap of a button to switch back to your exact location - just hit the little green circle in the bottom-left corner. Tap it twice, and you'll see the map switch to a 3D view.


5. Switch between layers

You can easily switch between different layers on HERE maps, letting you see the information you need most. Press the small square in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, and you'll be able to switch between regular maps, satellite view and add live traffic information to the mix.

6. Collect a location

Found a location you want to save and visit later? Collections make it easy to tag different places, and you can also add locations to more than one of your Collections folders. All you need to do is tap and hold the map. With HERE for iOS you can then tap the blue square, followed by 'Collect', and pick the Collection you want to add to. If you’re using HERE for Android, press and hold the map, and swipe the star option on the left.

7. Add your home address

Using HERE for Android? We've made it even quicker to get home than before, adding a home icon to the top-right corner of the app. If you've not used it before, tap the icon, and enter the address you want to use as home. Press 'Set', and whenever you press the home icon in future you'll get near-instant directions. It’s a fantastic feature, and it’ll also be coming to HERE for iOS soon!

8. One-touch navigation

HERE for Android (and HERE for iOS in the not too distant future!) lets you do a whole lot of things with a single touch, and tapping and holding the map brings up the ability to collect a location, to share the location, to get directions and to start navigation. You don't even need to let go of the screen - simply swipe in the direction of the option you want - in this case navigation - and HERE will automatically offer up turn-by-turn directions.

9. Switch from KPH to MPH

Want to see speeds in miles-per-hour rather than kilometres? Or vice-versa? It can be particularly confusing if you’re in a foreign country and the road signs are displayed in a different format to your sat-nav, but it’s easy to switch between MPH and KPH by pressing the menu button, tapping Settings and picking the ‘Units’ option.

10. Search for points of interest

If you want to find a place of interest - a restaurant, a bank, a petrol station - in the local area, with Android all you need to do is tap the search bar and you’ll see ‘Eat and Drink’ and ‘Shopping’ pop up under the bar. You can tap the … button to bring up more options, picking from a huge list that includes Accommodation, Facilities, Going Out, Businesses and Services, Leisure and Outdoor, Natural or Geographical and far more. And with our HERE for Android beta you can get even more customisable options.

What are your favourite tips for getting the most out of HERE?

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