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Fleets could save $900K yearly using location-based tools

At CES, we are showing how HERE provides mapping and location services to fleet software providers to get assets from point A to point B more efficiently.

Managers are under tremendous pressure to boost their top and bottom line, which means they need to make decisions in real-time, on the go. Mapping data and location services from HERE set the foundation for businesses and governments to intelligently manage their fixed and mobile assets.

Specifically, HERE tools enable fleet software providers help their customers to:

  • reduce cost by optimizing driving distance,
  • increase productivity by better utilization of assets at the same time
  • and increase customer satisfaction by accurately meeting time of arrival and accommodating real-time requests.


Visualizing the savings

Using data from a logistics company, we highlight a case study showing how a small fleet operation could save up to $900K annually using location based services from HERE. The efficiencies and optimizations that realize these savings are visualized in an interactive demo debuting at CES today.

First, using HERE Geocoder all the company’s vehicles (the blue dots) and the pick-up and drop-off points (yellow dots) are displayed on the map. This helps give a fleet operator a quick visual assessment of their assets in relation to all the collection and delivery locations. Current traffic conditions and weather can also be displayed on the map letting dispatchers get a quick pulse on events that may impact their drivers that day.


Next, destination routes and schedules are calculated using the HERE Routing API. The routing service leverages advanced HERE map data which includes our comprehensive set of truck attributes such as physical and legal restrictions and speed limits. To get the driver there, the HERE Mobile SDK can be used to create mobile apps that provide real-time, voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation for both cars and trucks.


To meet specific delivery time windows, Waypoint Sequence Extension API optimized the routes resulting in further reduction in the total distance traveled. This service can calculate the optimal sequence of up to 100 waypoints along a single route taking time-sensitive collection or delivery windows into account.

For improved customer service, HERE Geofencing is used to alert a customer when the fleet company’s van or truck is close so they can be ready for the pick-up or delivery. A notification message is sent when a driver enters a virtual perimeter, calculated from a drive-time area around the customer’s location.


Finally, the case study shows how easy it is to add a new stopover, shown by the red dot on the map, to the schedule. Using Isoline Routing, we can determine the nearest vehicle to reach the stopover point and re-route the vehicle in real-time. Using the same number of assets, this company could grow their business and expand capacity for pick-up and deliveries by 7%.

Impact on the bottom line

This case study demonstrates how fleet companies can optimize routing plans and reduce total distance traveled, maintain service level agreements, improve customer satisfaction and grow their business by leveraging mapping and location services from HERE.

If you are at the show, please stop by at CES Central Plaza, Booth #CP-2 to see the visualization for yourself and learn how HERE can help you meet your business goals.

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