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What’s next for HERE after a year of transformation?

2015 has been a year of transformation for HERE. Most notably, HERE is now an independent company, but that’s not the only transformation that HERE has gone through during the last 12 months. So let’s have a quick look at some milestones.

By popular demand, HERE completed its expansion across the smartphone world with HERE for Android officially leaving the beta stage and with the introduction of our native HERE for iOS app. We also worked together with Samsung to deliver a great mapping experience for Tizen smartphones and for the new Gear S2 smartwatch.

For the developers among you who want the power of HERE maps in your apps, we updated our mobile SDK with advanced tools such as 3D indoor maps and LiveSight augmented reality. We also offer enterprise specific features like truck attributes and geofencing for fleet management needs.

In August, Jaguar introduced its newest cars, the XJ and XF, with navigation from HERE Auto. We helped the Renault-Nissan alliance to make the role of electric vehicles (EVs) a hot topic at the 21st Conference of Parties (COP21). Garmin used our data to increase driver safety with their new NüviCam. We also started Digital Transport Infrastructure pilots and testing in Finland and The Netherlands.

We helped the industry make huge progress on the way to highly automated cars. We made HD mapping data available to companies with highly automated vehicle tests on open roads in Silicon Valley, Michigan, France, Germany and Japan. We published an interface specification that defines how sensor data gathered by vehicles on the road can be sent to the cloud to update maps on the fly all under a Creative Common license.

What we accomplished during the last twelve months became even more meaningful at the end of the year. HERE is now backed by three automotive companies: AUDI AG, BMW Group and Daimler AG. We’re building location services that will improve mobility for people and enterprises, make driving safer and more enjoyable, and reduce emissions.

HERE introduces HD maps for highly automated vehicle testing – All details

If you feel like you know everything about what HERE announced in 2015, take our quiz and let us know how you did.

But 2015 has also been a year of transformation for the HERE 360 blog itself, which got a nice new design we’re very proud of. We also asked you to tell us what stories you’re more interested in and why you read this blog. Thanks again for your answers, we hope to have adapted HERE 360 even more for your needs.

HERE 360 wouldn’t be possible without the team of regular contributors who prepare daily stories for you. People like Ian, Lori, Phil and Graham and, more recently, we have also enjoyed the company of Michelle, Sarah and Jere as contributors.

Speaking of whom, after the successful launch of our Facebook page, in 2015 we listened to your requests and launched our official Instagram account. Follow us there if you haven’t done so yet and, of course, you can also receive all our latest news on Twitter and LinkedIn.

If 2015 was the year of transformation, what will 2016 be? You’ll discover it with us, day by day on HERE 360. So make sure you tune in from January 4th or visit us at CES – we’ve got lots of exciting stuff planned for the show, so don’t miss our announcements next week.

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