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Beyond tracking, fleet safety analytics powered by HERE

On-the-road service companies often put phone numbers on the back of vehicles in their fleets so citizens can call and report hazardous driving. What can be done when the phone rings too much? A Teletrac Navman customer was in this predicament.

Shazia Haq, Creative Editor, tells us that the pool service customer, Poolman, was already using a solution from Teletrac Navman, a vehicle tracking and fleet management company. But to get beyond just tracking, it added the Safety Analytics application from its DIRECTOR services.

The application was built in partnership with HERE using the HERE Platform for Business suite of location services. Making use of enhanced fleet management services via APIs from the HERE Platform, the application ensures accurate analysis of driver compliance with legal restrictions along designated routes.

In particular, Safety Analytics uses HERE data that shows stop sign locations and speed information. The tool allows a fleet manager to see beyond just knowing where the vehicles are to see how drivers are behaving on the road.

“Drivers are measured on specific metrics including, harsh braking, harsh acceleration, speeding, stop sign violation and harsh cornering,” says Shazia. “Fleet managers can log into an online portal to view their drivers’ behavior on the road in real time.”

How does this additional viewpoint on drivers translate into improvements?

Since it might be based on things a driver can’t control and that technology can’t account for, like the behavior of other drivers, harsh braking could be considered subjective. However, the knowledge alone that it’s happening becomes the catalyst for an open conversation about performance.

Speed and harsh cornering are the ingredients for danger, particularly in a two-ton vehicle like a semi, Shazia points out, but they are also factors which are easier to see. “With HERE stop sign and speed information, we are able to tell if a vehicle is speeding around a corner where it should have actually stopped. The data has helped add an extra layer of safety.”

Reducing violations

In the case of Poolman, blackboxes inside of vehicles’ engines enable the solution. Using insights from the Safety Analytics application, violations were cut in half in six months and have continued to decrease after that.

In addition to protecting the company from potential liability by, for one, reducing accidents, the solution can also protect the driver. Events can be replayed to see what really happened, so if a driver is falsely accused, there is proof to the contrary available.

Measurement has led to higher awareness and a new safety initiative for the drivers. Shazia says, “Based on HERE-enabled information, Poolman created a corrective safety program. The drivers with the least and the most safety violations every month are noted — with the safest driver receiving a bonus and the least safe going through corrective training.”

This program reflects the true value of the technology — better insights that lead to improved decisions and processes. It’s not simply about the information businesses gain, but what they do with it that makes the difference.

As the solution evolves, the goal is to continue to increase efficiency and safety. Shazia says, “Future capabilities will be data driven.”

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