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Latest updates to HERE Maps for Android roll out today

The new releases bring beta-tested improvements to the contextual menu for all users while the HERE for Android Beta serves up tweaks to public transit and route planning for testers to try out.

Today, we’ve issued an update to HERE Maps for Android that improves the overall stability of the app and we’re releasing beta-tested, beta-approved enhancements to the contextual menu to all our HERE Maps for Android users.

Now, when you long press on the map, it automatically drops a pin and you can save the location you’re tapping on right to your HERE collections.

Latest beta features ready for testing

We’re also rolling out some new features today that will help make taking public transit and route planning even easier in the HERE for Android Beta.

First up, we’ve added a “refresh” button in the public transit view so you can check for updated timetables. Let’s say you are checking transit options from your office to the restaurant where you’re meeting friends later, but then get pulled into a call or need to check a message on your phone. Now, when you go back into HERE Maps, you can simply hit the refresh button to get the latest timetables for that route.

Public transit now also shows a few earlier options in the list of routes so you can see how frequently the departures are. For cities where we have live transit, this also means you can see your options to catch a train that’s been slightly delayed.


Finally, if you are planning a detailed journey, we make sure that “Your location” is shown as an option in the suggested locations menu.  This means that you’ll always have an easy way to select your current location as the start or end point of your journey if for some reason it’s not already showing in the route planner. It also makes it easy to set your home address in our one-tap home button feature to your current location. In the setup page, “Your location” will be the first option you see.

If you haven’t already signed up to be a beta tester and want to check out the latest features, just follow the three steps below.

To join up:

  1. Visit this link on your mobile device and click on Become a Tester. This will automatically register you as a beta tester.
  2. Open the Play Store app on your mobile device and install or update HERE Maps with the beta version by choosing Update or Install.
  3. Use the app as you normally would and tell us what you think or report problems using the Feedback option in the HERE menu of the app or email us directly at beta@here.com.


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