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10 ways we’ve made here.com better than ever

HERE engineers are constantly tweaking www.here.com to give you an easier and more productive experience.

Over recent months, the team has introduced a swathe of improvements to the way routing is shown and handled. The changes are sometimes quite subtle and small. But, put together, they add up to a much more intuitive and powerful experience.

1. First up, the team wanted to make sure that people understood that you can get routes from here.com. It’s not just a map-viewer. To reinforce this, they’ve added the word ‘Routes’ alongside the icon in the information and search area.


2. The second improvement was to offer the ability to create a destination or waypoints by simply right-clicking on the map. Some people prefer this way of working and so the team decided to support it.

3. The team also made the options more visible to people when they plan a route. You can plan a route that makes use of only the types of road you decide, for example, or for a particular day and time, to make use of our predictive traffic services. Under ‘preferences’ when you’re choosing a route, you can now select or deselect carpool lanes, when that information is available.


4. If you click onto here.com from a Facebook event page, then the map will centre on that event venue and choose it as your destination, making it faster to get a route there.

5. The URL of your here.com map changes as you view different places and choose different options. We have made these more intuitively readable, to provide another, subtle indicator of the options you’ve chosen – seeing this reminds you that you can bookmark and share the URL, too.

6. As well as saving places in collections, you can now save up to five routes when you are signed into here.com. Useful for things like your commute, of course, but also if you’re moving between different browsers. You can also save your home address, which will synchronise between browsers and on HERE Maps for Android.


7. The map will automatically display parking options close to your destination once you have a route set.

8. Similarly, you can now see a street-level view of your destination at the end of the list of manoeuvres. Handy for a visual cue as you’re looking around for the place you’re trying to get to.


9. Always take public transit, or drive your car? You’re in luck: here.com will now remember the mode of transport you last used for a route. When you choose a mode of transport, here.com will use it as the default for the next route you plot using the site.


10. Lastly, we’ve included additional information to help make traveling by public transit even easier. Where available, we now show platform numbers and even fare prices in the manoeuvre list.


We hope you’re inspired to go ahead and try out each of these new features for yourself. Which do you think will make most impact on your travels?


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