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#insideHERE: Looking at how and why HERE is mapping the world

We have been pulling back the proverbial curtain with our “We are HERE” series — giving you more insight into who makes things happen within the company. Likewise, our first #insideHERE event went behind the scenes to reveal the how and why of our mapping technology.

Held at the HERE tech campus in Berkeley, Calif., the inaugural #insideHERE event was a learning and experience-driven thought leadership program. It was a forum for sharing in-depth information about HERE and receiving objective feedback from the participants.


John Ristevski, VP Reality Capture and Processing and Pino Bonetti, HERE 360 Editor-in-Chief opened the day. Then, everyone had a chance to experience a HERE Auto demo and take a tour of one of the facilities where our mapping cars are geared up.

The big reveal

Mark Tabb, Director of Engineering then discussed how HERE is improving the process for building HD maps, expanding on what Ogi Redzic, Senior Vice President of Automotive at HERE said in a previous blog post: “The HD Map is a crucial component of automated driving technology, helping highly automated vehicles precisely position themselves on the road.”

One of the biggest reveals during #insideHERE — something not typically seen by the general public — was a demo of our Digital Transportation Infrastructure strategy. This was explained on a physical 3D model of San Francisco; a model that Slashgear editor Chris Davies called a way to “prove smart cities are the future.”

The demo visualized the experience a driver might have trying to navigate San Francisco traffic, including getting around accidents and emergency vehicles aided by lights turning green to speed their progress. This driver data can also be applied to ‘unlock the living city.’


Going mobile

No mapping discussion would be complete without covering mobile technology and Bernd Mohrs, Head of Consumer Solutions, spoke about the future of mobile apps and concepts for urban mobility.

The Twitterverse was a buzz during the event.

Follow all the posts at #insideHERE and keep your eye on our blog to find out more about the next event.

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