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Public transport gets even easier with HERE Maps for iOS

HERE Maps for iOS is already one of the best sat-nav apps out there for your iPhone and our latest update has improved it even more. It's now better than ever when using public transport and we've also exterminated a few bugs.


So what does the latest update of HERE Maps for iOS have to offer? We've improved the public transit feature for starters, making it possible to see all of the stops along the route.


HERE for iOS tells you the number of stops, along with where you actually need to get off, making it easier than ever to reach your destination when you’re taking the bus, tram or train. Thanks to HERE, there's a lot less chance of accidentally getting off before your stop or missing it altogether.

You'll find the app is more stable and reliable as well: the latest update also introduces a number of bug fixes, responding to issues that HERE Maps for iOS users have faced with previous versions of the app, as well as laying the groundwork for future versions.

Interested in downloading the latest version of HERE Maps? It’s available from the app store for new users and the normal app update methods for existing users.

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