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HERE Maps for Android updated with new features

Our beta program for Android has proven enormously popular, and today we are excited to bring the first feature tested and refined through the beta to all HERE Maps for Android users.

Today’s update brings the new long-press contextual menu to the HERE for Android app. Without leaving the map screen, or having to choose a series of commands, you can now get information about places, share them, get directions or start navigation. The video below shows it in action.



So enormous thanks to our beta users. They told us that the contextual menu was a good idea, tested it mercilessly, and provided fast and thorough feedback. Great job! We also heard your ideas for further refinements and we’ll consider these for future releases.

In this release, we’re also introducing the display of intermediate stops on transit routes. This, again, is a graduate from the beta program. Knowing the stops to look out for can really help you understand how long the journey will take and help you know exactly where you need to make a transfer or exit.


Also included, but not so visible, are the usual bug-fixes and optimisations under the hood. So this is a highly recommended release for every Android user. It’s uploaded to the Play Store now, and should be available for download today.


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