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10 ways HERE can help you on holiday

Holiday, vacation, “PTO” (paid time off) — whatever you want to call it, it’s high time you had some. HERE can provide almost all the information you need for your journey, making getting around cities, simple and fun; planned and surprising.

1. Explore your collections – Whether you have visited already or are making a wish list, adding places to your collections on here.com or in HERE mobile apps documents your destinations. Collections essentially bookmark places, making them easy to find on demand. You don’t have to remember any of the details. This is how you do it.


2. Read reviews – Powered by TripAdvisor. Go to Here.com and get hotel info like phone numbers and nearby transit and places of interest, plus see how other travellers rated the property and figure out if it meets your personal criteria.

3. Book a hotel – Once you have decided where to stay, see current prices and book in just a few clicks. You’ll be taken directly to TripAdvisor where you can enter your travel dates and make a reservation.

4. Use maps offline – Realizing you may not always have a connection during your travels, (and to save on your data plan) you can download HERE maps of entire countries or regions to use whenever you need.


5. Explore the indoors – Access our 3D venue maps of shopping malls, airports and other public places for nearly 13,000 venues in 85 countries. They can also work offline: perform an initial online download, then the maps are cached locally to use any time .

6. Get traffic info – We are striving to give comprehensive live traffic coverage to the whole world and currently feature 50 countries. In addition, HERE uses its traffic probe data let you know you are approaching the tail end of a jam in good time so you can begin to reduce speed and avoid an accident.

7. Speed alerts – Unfamiliar with the speed limits in a foreign country? No problem: HERE will alert you when you are near or going over. It’s easy to customize the warnings from the dashboard at the bottom of the Drive mode.


8. Get transit info – If traffic is too much, or you simply don’t have a car, HERE has transit info for more than 1,000 urban areas around the world and the Transit Team is constantly updating and extending this coverage. It doesn’t matter if you’re unfamiliar with a foreign transit system: HERE has the same UI/UX everywhere.

9. Tired of driving or riding? – Just walk with turn by turn pedestrian guidance on the streets or with directions for comprehensive navigation for using public transport. Whether on your Samsung Gear S independent of your smartphone or while using your Android device, there are a variety of options for finding your way on foot.


10. Get lost You don’t have to know where you are going to have a fabulous holiday. Stop to consider the built-up environment around you: how does it make you feel? What does it represent? How should you interact with it? Roll the proverbial dice and drift in a city. HERE can always bring you back home.

Images credits: HERE

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