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Wicked! HERE for Android Beta with new 'home' button feature

There’s no place like home. Whether home is around the corner or somewhere over the rainbow, it’s probably your most frequent destination and where you’ll end most of your journeys. We’ve designed a new feature to make it super simple to navigate home as soon as you open the HERE app and we’ve got it ready for our beta testers to try out.



When you open the HERE app, you’ll now see a small Home icon displayed in the upper right corner of the map. To set your home address for the first time, just tap the icon. From there, you can either type in your address in the search bar or select it from the list of recent locations at the bottom of the screen. As soon as you have saved your home address, you will get different route options based on the preferences you’ve already selected in your settings. For example, if you have “Drive” turned off, you’ll only see public transit or walking routes. Similarly, it you have “Transit” turned off, you’ll only get driving or walking routes. Do note, “broom” guidance is currently not available.

Now that you’ve set your address, when you open the HERE app you can get routes home based on your current position with a single tap on the Home icon. You’ll also see Home as the first option anytime you open the route planner. One tap there, and you also get directions home. It may not be as simple as clicking your ruby slippers, but it’s pretty darn close.


To change or delete your home address, long press on the Home icon and then select edit or remove.

One more thing

The “home button” is not the only new feature of the latest HERE for Android beta, we also added a preview of all the stops you’re passing by when you’re planning a transit route.



 How to get these new features before everyone else

As long as you are a member of the HERE Beta Program Google Group, you can head over to the Play Store and update the HERE app to try out the new Home feature and test intermediate transit stops for yourself.

Want to try them out, too, but not already a part of the HERE Beta Program? Follow these steps to join.

1) Join the HERE Beta Program Google group.

2) Visit this link on your mobile device and click on Become a Tester. Please note, you must join the HERE Beta Program group first (from step 1) before you can become a tester.

3) Open the Play Store app on your mobile device and install or update the HERE app with the beta version by choosing Update or Install.

4) Use the app as you normally would and tell us what you think or report problems using the Feedback option in the HERE menu of the app or email us directly at beta@here.com.

Note, the beta version will replace the regular HERE app on your device. All instructions and some troubleshooting tips can be found on the HERE Beta Program group welcome page.

Don’t forget to leave your feedback – it will help us make the Home button feature even better when we’re ready to go public. We’re busy working on your feedback from the last Beta test feature for the contextual menu before we release it to all Android users, so stay tuned!

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