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Surfer Dude, a fan-favorite HERE navigation voice, is back

The fan-favorite Surfer Dude navigation voice is now available on HERE for iOS with the app’s latest update. The update also brings seven additional language choices for its user interface.



Speaking exclusively to HERE 360, Surfer Dude revealed:

”I’m back! I’ve been on an epic vacation but I heard you. And man, I’ve missed you too. It’s just, sometimes, you just gotta chill bro.

Were you, like us, thinking he’s been surfing this whole time? “You’re wrong, dude. I spent a long time in the Swiss Alps just studying, like reading about ocean swell and how to get around the traffic on my way to the beach. Also, there were people surfing on snow, that’s like water but so cold it’s ice.”

“Anyways, I’m back with my bros at HERE to help you find your beaches and your inner peace,” Surfer Dude continued. “You just gotta download the latest update for your app on the iPhone and later on Android, too.”

“And remember, if the road turns, try to turn with it,” he concluded.

The Dude abides

Many have asked, pleaded and attempted to bargain for Surfer Dude’s return and we are happy to be able to let him guide your adventures on iOS. Surfer Dude will come soon to HERE for Android too.

That’s not all, of course. We also fixed bugs and improved the stability of the application. And HERE for iOS now also offers Bulgarian, Chinese (Simplified), Danish, Filipino, Norwegian-Bokmål, Portuguese and Serbian as interface language choices.


For those of you who haven’t met Surfer Dude, make sure you check out the video or try him out on your next road trip. Will his be your default turn-by-turn navigation voice?

Lead image credit: Motion Blur Surfing shots by Michael Dawes on Flickr

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