Video: the latest and greatest from HERE in under 2 minutes

Lori Castle
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We consider every map an answer and, as cities become more complex, our tools simplify and find your path across the world. To that end, what follows is a quick video on all things HERE.

Our work comes in three significant flavors...


HERE offers guidance for people (on and offline) whether driving, walking or taking public transit. We offer a multi-screen experience on all your devices — from desktop and mobile to next gen:, iPhones/iPads, Android, Smartwatch, Smart Glasses, Gear.


We are focused on being the industry partner for smart guidance and intelligent cars. Our goal is to deliver end-to-end software through the cloud that is personal and contextual and via highly precise mapping assets.


Our business offerings help companies better manage resources, optimize routes and make fleets safer, be more productive and sustainable. We specialize in fixed asset and workforce management.

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