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Syncing HERE for Android routes with the Samsung Gear S

The Samsung Gear S stands out among smartwatches, packing in a screen that's actually big enough to display full maps, and run Navigator, the HERE for Gear app. Better yet, it's incredibly simple to sync with HERE for Android - read on to find out how.


HERE for Gear gives you access to full mapping on your wrist, without having to dig your phone out of your pocket. It's quick, it's convenient and it's also safer, meaning you can see directions with a glance at your wrist, without making it obvious that you're standing around with an expensive smartphone. Entering a long address using the tiny onscreen keyboard isn't quite so much fun, but it's easy to select routes first using your Samsung Galaxy phone, and sync them with your Gear S at the touch of a button.


You can download HERE for Gear using Samsung's Gear Manager on your Samsung smartphone. Once it's been added to your Gear S smartwatch, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to see the menu, and open Navigator.


As soon as you've agreed to the terms and conditions, tap 'Jump in' to see a brief introduction to the app, highlighting just what it's capable of. You can tap the map icon at the top right-hand side of the app to see your location on the map or simply to have a look round, and swiping to the left goes back to the previous screen.


Tapping 'Where to' brings up a small keyboard, and you can enter an address as you normally would with apps like HERE for Android. When you pick the destination, you'll see an arrival time and you can either start straight away by pressing the play button to see directions overlaid on the map, or tap the down arrow at the bottom to get more information, including the distance or directions in written form.


Just like your phone you can pinch to zoom, pan around the map or tap the location button to find yourself. It's HERE for Gear’s ability to sync with HERE for Android that really set it apart though, making it far easier to enter destinations or set up routes without having to rely on that tiny keyboard.


To get started, open HERE for Android on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone, and enter the place you want to visit. Pick the turnpike icon to get different route options, and then select the option you're interested in. Once the route shows up onscreen, instead of pressing 'Start', if your Gear S is turned on and synced with your phone, you'll see a 'Send to Gear' option at the bottom left. Tap it, and the route will appear on your Gear S, just like that.


You'll get confirmation on your smartphone nearly straight away, and if you're not currently running HERE for Gear on your Samsung Gear S, you'll get the option to open it as soon as the route comes through.


You'll see an estimated arrival time, and all you need to do is tap the play arrow to see the route onscreen.


As with a route you've set up manually you can also scroll down to see different navigation options, from the distance and time involved, to written directions.


Image credit: Samsung

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