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4 new here.com enhancements to simplify your journey

We’ve got even more new features for you on www.here.com. Our latest iterations give you more control over the map view, let you easily set destination and arrival points and make it a snap to get a closer look at a city or neighborhood.

Over the last few months, you’ve been asking for us to bring back map styles and layers. We’ve heard you loud and clear!

In addition to bringing back the map switcher, we’ve also added a completely new option to make it even better. Before, here.com used to automatically change map visualization according to the routes you were planning: transit view when planning a route by train; traffic view when planning a road trip.

Now, we’ve given you more control to choose from either the standard map, satellite map or terrain map. You can customize your view even further by choosing to add either traffic or transit information on top of either the map view or satellite view. To pick your view, just click on the “map view” selector on the bottom right.


Map view with traffic overlay Map view with traffic overlay



Map view with transit overlay Map view with transit overlay



Satellite view with traffic overlay Satellite view with traffic overlay



Satellite view with transit overlay Satellite view with transit overlay


Contextual menu

To make it even easier for you to find your way, we invited beta testers to try out a contextual menu that allows you to right click anywhere on the map to set the place as either the starting point or as the destination point. The beta testers loved it, but asked us for a third option to also set the place as a waypoint. So, back to development where we burned the midnight oil to make sure we could incorporate your feedback.

Now, we’re happy to bring all here.com users the new contextual menu that lets you right click to set any place on the map as the start or end of a journey or as a waypoint along an existing route. (On tablets, use a long press.)

Contextual menu

One click zoom

Interested in a closer view of a neighborhood but tired of using zoom controls? Now, one click lets you zoom in on cities or neighborhood names. Another click, even closer. (We wish we could literally transport you in one click…someday!)

Zoom in

Last but not least, since the new here.com was launched, we noticed a fair amount of users clicking the “hamburger menu” expecting to find additional options and information, so we added some quick links to map actions and gave you access to more detailed information.

From the updated menu, you can download our Android, iOS and Windows Phone apps, learn all about our company and find out which cities we provide traffic coverage in. It also serves as a quick path for developers and to get more help.

Hamburger menu

We’re continuously improving here.com and our mobile apps. In fact, we’ve recently updated all our offline maps. If you want to keep up with all the news about HERE, continue reading HERE 360 or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

But most importantly, we like to listen to you, so keep the feedback coming.

image credit: Michelle Gibbs (HERE)

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