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What do Android, iOS and WP have in common? A new HERE maps update

Check your downloaded maps, folks, because the latest HERE maps update for our offline maps is now available. This applies to all of our apps – including Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

As always, there are literally millions of changes and improvements across the globe, in every corner of every country, which are too numerous and too specific to list separately. Hit the menu and go to ‘Download maps’ to get the most accurate, freshest maps, wherever you’re located.

There are some countries and features that deserve a special mention, though.

More detailed coverage in Africa

The following countries now have much more detailed maps, and allow for navigation within our apps, and show a much fuller road network and land usage details:

Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon and the island nation of São Tomé and Príncipe.


These countries and those above are now also available for offline use as downloadable maps under ‘Africa’.

Public transit gets in line

We’ve been refining the depiction of public transit lines over the course of the last couple of map updates, to more closely reflect the geography of train, subway and tram lines on the ground, rather than simply drawing links between stations. This began last year with the map of Chicago, and expanded to a number of other countries in the last maps update.


Now this improved depiction is extended to more areas in the Americas, in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. And we anticipate that the improved data source we’re now using will have the added bonus of being easier and quicker to update in the future.

Business case

It’s not just people using our smartphone apps who benefit from these map updates, of course. Our Enterprise users also benefit with layers of data that aren’t visible in other apps. In this update, there’s a particular upgrade for logistics companies. We’ve made it possible for the truck attributes of roads to be seen in offline apps. (These are properties like weight or height restrictions, legal restrictions and hazardous material bans).

How to update

On Android and iOS, you'll get a notification from us when it's time to go in and update. Follow the instructions given to update your downloaded maps.


Please note that you need to restart the app in order to see the new changes on the map.

Windows Phone users are probably familiar with the process. Open the settings app on your phone, then tap the applications tab > maps > check for updates. Click on the maps to update and a minute later, you’re done. On some devices, the map updates are performed through the app itself, so check there if you don't see the settings we described.

Check your apps for updates now. If you don’t find them straight away, then they are propagating their way around the world, and you should try again in a day or two.

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