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Reducing stress on the road with Garmin NüviCam - powered by HERE

There’s no denying that driving can be stressful for a number of reasons. Poor weather conditions, congestion, hard to find or tight parking spaces, driving next to thundering juggernauts on motorways: all of this can prove very stressful indeed. In a study this year by Harris UK research, it was discovered that 34 per cent of drivers in Europe rely on a navigation device to deliver accurate audio and visual guidance in order to reduce stress levels when driving. 32 per cent use the device to give safety warnings and further information that will help them avoid accidents.

And if you’re one of those people looking for a stress-reducing navigation device then you should check out the Garmin NüviCam, which they’ve been working on in conjunction with HERE.


A camera is attached to the navigation system device which can be adjusted to get the best view of the road ahead. This opens up a fair few possibilities when it comes to helping the driver. For example, it helps increase driver awareness by alerting the driver when they are getting too close to the car ahead - this form of protection is activated as soon as your car goes faster than 50 km/h.

The NüviCam also alerts the driver with audible and visual warnings if they start drifting out of lane. Once the car is going faster than 65 km/h the Lane Departure Warning system will be activated. The navigation device’s camera captures lane markings and then checks with HERE’s database if the next lane has traffic going in the same or opposite direction.

As we’ve written about previously, the use of HERE’s incredibly complex real-time traffic data mixed with historical records is updated minute by minute via DAB on the NüviCam, which means, for example, you can change your route in the event of traffic jams ahead.


When it comes to audio navigation, Garmin’s Real Direction, which uses HERE’s detailed digital maps, gives the driver more human-like directions by referring to prominent landmarks and other objects that the driver can easily identify. The more natural sounding voice gives directions such as, “take a left after the theatre.”

There is also the option of installing a wireless rear camera, which is especially useful for detecting obstacles and pedestrians when reversing or parking.

What we could term digital guardian angels, devices such as the NüviCam have the potential to seriously reduce drivers’ stress-levels by providing what is tantamount to a second pair of eyes. Perhaps one day we will wonder how we ever did without such essential tech.

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