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Automotive HERE Apps

The ultimate guide to using HERE for Android and iOS in your car

We've already shown you how to get started with HERE for Android and HERE for iOS, but there's a whole lot more you can do to customise the experience when you’re using our apps in your car. So read on to find out how to turn HERE into your perfect navigation app.

Custom speed limit warnings


Speed limit warnings are a brilliant way of keeping your licence clean, especially if you're driving on roads you're not accustomed to, but not everybody wants their phone beeping as soon as they go over a particular speed. Thankfully it's easy to customise HERE, and you'll be able to select different options when it comes to warnings. From the dashboard at the bottom of the Drive mode, tap the Settings option, and then click on Speed alerts.

You can toggle between off and on, for starters, but you can also make changes to speed limits as well. There are two sliding options (warn if your speed is over the limit by x where the speed limit is up to 80kph, and where the speed limit is above 80kph), and you can adjust them to warn you when you go over the speed limit by any amount between 0 and 30kph.

Map options


If you struggle to get your head around certain map orientations, it's also easy to change exactly what HERE looks like. From the Map options page, tap Map orientation, and you'll be able to select from '3D, direction of travel', '2D, direction of travel' and '2D, north at the top' views.

Both Android and iOS have ushered in far flatter designs recently, but plenty of us prefer a little more eye candy when it comes to software, and from the Map options page you can check the boxes to add 3D images and Landmarks to your HERE for Android and HERE for iOS maps.

Map options also lets you toggle autozoom on and off, along with switching permanently between day and night modes, making it easier on your eyes if you prefer more subdued colours.

Personalised dashboard


The dashboard at the bottom of HERE for Android and iOS shows a constant stream of information, but it's also easy to change exactly what shows up so it suits your needs perfectly. There are three fields of information on offer for portrait mode, and four for landscape, and you can change what information shows up by tapping on the dashboard and then clicking Display.

There are two tabs at the top to choose from – Navigation and Tracking, the former for when HERE is offering directions, and the latter when you’re using the app in map mode to highlight traffic and what’s going on around you. Tap the pencil next to any of the options in Navigation, and you’ll be able to choose from Arrival time, Time to go, Distance to go, Traffic delay and Direction. Under Tracking, you’ll be able to pick from Distance driven, Time driving and Direction.

Units and power


Prefer MPH to KPH? Tap Units from the Settings menu and you’ll be able to switch between Metric (metres and kilometres), Imperial UK (yards and miles) and Imperial US (feet and miles), making sure navigation information shows up in exactly the format you like most. On HERE for iOS, there is also a Battery Saver mode, which will reduce power consumption when HERE is running in the background.

Route options


Getting directions isn’t just about taking the quickest route, and there are plenty of other options to consider. From the Settings page, tap Route options and you’ll be able to choose exactly what your routes entail: Motorways, Toll roads, Ferries, Tunnels, Unpaved roads and Motorail trains. You can check the boxes if you’re happy to use any of the above, or uncheck them if you’d rather avoid particular route options.

Voice options


We’ve already shown you how to get the most out of spoken navigation with HERE, but in short you can switch between higher quality voices and audio directions that require less storage space depending on your hardware or requirements. Tap Navigation voice from the Settings page, and you can toggle between the voices you’ve already downloaded. Tap Manage voices to download more options – you can pick from different languages, male and female, and you can also choose between the Regular and Hi-Fi options at the top of the page.

Traffic updates


HERE for Android and iOS can come into its own when it comes to real-time updates, keeping you informed on the latest traffic jams to help ensure you get to your destination as quickly and easily as possible. You can turn traffic updates on and off simply by tapping the Traffic button from the dashboard, ensuring you have the latest updates when you need them most, or going completely offline and saving your battery life when required.


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