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A visual guide to migrating from a Nokia account to a HERE account

You may have previously signed into here.com using your Nokia account, but you’ll now need to set up a free HERE account to sign in. It couldn’t be easier to migrate your collections and places, so read on for our visual guide.

If you’ve used our smartphone apps, you’ve probably already done this. If you haven’t, though, now is your last chance – you’ll have up until April 24th to do so.

Tap 'Sign in' at here.com – it’s at the top of the menu on the top right of the map screen or directly type in account.here.com into your browser.


You'll be taken to a screen offering several different login options. You can register for a HERE account; or sign in through Facebook or email if you’ve already created a HERE account. If you've been using your Nokia account up until now, you'll need to tap the light blue button to register for a HERE account.



Tap the button at the top and you'll be taken to a welcome page, where you can enter your name, email address and password, and a date of birth. Once you've filled in your details, and the security check code, you'll be good to go.


To migrate your Collections and Places from your Nokia account, tap on 'Account settings'.


You'll see a box at the top explaining exactly how importing information affects your account. Tap the 'Import' button to import your previous details. You can only carry out an import once, so make sure you don't carry on collecting places using your Nokia account - as you won't be able to transfer the details later.


When you tap Import, you'll be asked to enter your old Nokia login details for verification - all you need to do is sign in and HERE will automatically import your information.


If you didn't import your details the first time you created a HERE account, it's also easy to do so afterwards. Simply log in, tap the menu button at the top right, and then click on your name. You'll see your HERE account page once again, with the Import button at the top of the page.


Once you've finished, your previous Collections will show up whenever you log in using your new HERE account. Simple!


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