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It’s official – HERE is everywhere

“We want to bring our maps and services to as many people as possible, no matter whether they are in the car or using a smartphone or smartwatch” said Sean Fernback, President of HERE, introducing our iOS app today.


With HERE for iOS, the last piece of the puzzle is now in place and the HERE experience is now on all major mobile platforms. But there’s much more to HERE than apps for smartphones and if you’re wondering where else you can find our maps, we have a quick overview.

What do we do at HERE?

Early pioneers in digital navigation, we started out in Silicon Valley 30 years ago. We have the most highly trained team of mapmakers on the planet, with more than 6,000 employees creating maps for nearly every country. We’ve mapped 27 million miles of road – equal to 113 times the distance from the Earth to the Moon.

Then, to keep our maps fresh, accurate and reliable, we make around 2.7 million changes each day. And to supply up-to-the-moment traffic data, HERE collects more than 70 billion anonymous probe points per month and has collected more than 1.3 trillion probe points over the past decade.

But we’re just at the beginning of our journey to reinvent the map: we’re building high-definition maps with centimeter-level precision joined with our location cloud for real-time and predictive location experiences. In the past 18 months alone we’ve mapped 1.2 million miles of road in hi-def 3D.


In which smartphones and tablets can you find HERE?

HERE is on all the major mobile platforms, including an app for Android, which has been already downloaded more than 4 million times.

If companies want to develop their own location-based mobile apps they can use our mobile SDK. This is an approach that Deutsche Telekom has followed, but also many car makers like Ford and BMW (more below).

On Windows Phone, HERE is part of the operating system so all native map experiences, by Microsoft or other parties, are based on our platform.

This is true also for Tizen devices like the Samsung Z1 and the Samsung Gear S smartwatch for which we designed a specific application that works on a tiny screen.


Amazon is also using HERE for all the location experiences on its Fire devices, from the Kindle to the Fire Phone. In addition, we just made available HERE for Android on the Amazon Store so you can also use also our app on those devices.

Last, but not least, we’re looking into whole new categories of devices and we recently announced a partnership with Vuzix to bring our location experiences to smart glasses.

In which cars can you find HERE?

HERE can be found in four out of five cars with in-dash navigation in North America and Europe – from BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen to Ford, Jaguar Land Rover, Toyota, Volvo and many more. And if you’re using a Garmin device, you’re using our maps.

But the future of car navigation is connected and autonomous. So we’re working with all the carmakers that are investing in this space to provide the location cloud needed to enable these services.

Just recently we announced that BMW is working with HERE for its ‘Intelligent Drive’, or with Continental for its ‘e-Horizon’. And we can’t forget that Mercedes is testing their autonomous S500 with HD maps provided by HERE.


We believe autonomous cars need three elements: HD maps that can be read by a car, real-time information to know what’s around the corner, and humanized driving profiles to make passengers comfortable.

Which enterprises use HERE?

Mapping is a people and money intensive business, which is why only a few players are mapping the world on a worldwide scale: HERE, Google, TomTom and the people behind the OpenStreetMap movement.

It’s therefore not surprising that many enterprises rely on location services provided by HERE so that they can concentrate on delivering great experiences.

Not only is Microsoft using HERE for Bing Maps and Yahoo! for Yahoo! Maps, but more recently Baidu chose HERE as its map provider outside of China.


Fleet management and delivery companies like FedEx also use HERE, so does SAP for their HANA platform and you can even find HERE in Salesforce via the Geoconcept app.

Where do you use HERE the most? And where would you like to see HERE next?

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