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HERE location intelligence provides a killer ingredient for Salesforce

HERE is working with Geoconcept to make sales people more productive by adding location intelligence to their day with Opti-Time Cloud, which can be used as an add-on application for Salesforce.

Salesforce is one of the world’s most-used cloud software services. It specialises in Customer Relationship Management – so, among other things, sales people use it to record and prioritise customers and leads, and arrange their meetings.

didier_OKWe asked Geoconcept MD Didier Robert to talk about the company, its relationship with HERE and to explain how Opti-Time Cloud adds value.

Always with intelligence

“We were created in Paris, France, back in 1990 as a GIS company, helping companies and organisations to map the world and match their data to those maps. As well as businesses, we worked with city authorities such as Geneva and Yokohama, to help them with their mapping needs.”

“Over time, we started to develop the field of geo-marketing, which combines maps and customer data to help businesses answer questions such as ‘where is the best potential for growth?’ or ‘which offers should we run in which stores?’”

Optimised geography

“Then ten years ago, we started to develop a new approach to the ways in which maps and geography can help businesses. We call this geo-optimisation.”

“What we strongly believe is that location intelligence has an important role to play for every part of an organisation. That geography should be a dimension to every process, not a separate silo within organisations. So we created a range of products that would bring geo-optimisation to different sectors – yes, sales people, but also technicians, field engineers and others.”

“We partnered with HERE for these products. We need external geographical data provided by a map creator. And HERE has proven a very capable and accommodating partner.”


Adding more fizz to Coke

“We recently worked with HERE to create our new Opti-Time Cloud product. This links the data from Salesforce and other systems with HERE maps and our geo-optimisation software uses the combination to create the optimal schedule for field sales people.”

“One customer here in France is Coca-Cola. They have hundreds of sales people, making dozens of visits to existing clients and new prospects every day.”

“The cost-per-visit can be very high unless those visits are organised and ordered into an ideal schedule. And that’s what we do – we connect Salesforce, SAP applications and HERE maps to create optimised schedules for the sales people with equally optimised routes.”


“Most of our customers are seeing between 15 and 30 per cent more customers every day.  And their sales forces are happier because they aren’t stressed about getting to their next meeting or rushing from a previous one. That makes their customers happier, too: it’s a lot more respectful when a sales person isn’t in a rush or agitated about whether they can meet their schedule.”

Big picture

“We’re a global company with customers in every continent. One reason we chose HERE as our mapping partner is that it’s able to provide verified maps everywhere we operate.”

“And we get strong support from its local team. HERE actually changed the way one of its web services works just to accommodate us, and has altered the priorities on its road map for future development to help fulfil another request.”

“Our next step is to expand our global coverage. More and more people are waking up to what geo-intelligence can do for their business. We want to help them achieve that.”

image credit: Elvert Barnes

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