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A map is worth 1000 numbers with HERE Data Lens

At HERE we are continuously innovating and extending our set of APIs and adding data visualization capabilities to the HERE Platform to address market needs. Now, we have Data Lens, a toolkit for developers to create applications that visualize their data on HERE maps.

We’ve all heard that a picture is worth a thousand words, and the same couldn’t be truer for complex data sets. Pictures and graphics, like maps displaying activity by location, help people visualize and interpret the variation, patterns and trends contained in the data. Companies today need to rapidly analyze vast amounts of data. This need has resulted in software developers looking for simple, cloud based toolkits that allow them to quickly render and analyze large datasets and charts on a map which, in turn, helps their customers make informed business decisions.

Phone pictures

To demonstrate how Data Lens works, we created an example visualizing mobile network usage in Spain. The heat map visualization on the left shows the density of locally connected devices while the heat map visualization on the right shows the density of roaming customers connected to the network.


Using the month selector control at the bottom, filters are applied to the visualization helping the viewer see data for a specific month or year. Selecting “play” brings the visualization to life and shows an animated view of how these changes look, month-to-month.

Incredibly, we're looking at a map that is displaying over 4 million data points, yet we can see immediately where the spikes in roaming network usage occur. For example in February, we see a noticeable uptick of roaming customers in Barcelona. Must be everyone in town for Mobile World Congress!


Making decision-making visual

Using this type of visual insight, mobile network operators can quickly see patterns and decide where and what type of action they want to take. For example, they could choose to increase device capabilities or extend coverage during high-use periods or prepare their customer service employees in advance to handle a higher volume of support requests from roaming users.

Creating a visualization like this from scratch could take months. However, with HERE Data Lens, we provide developers with a comprehensive set of ready-to-deploy APIs that enable rapid visualizations.

We are previewing Data Lens at Mobile World Congress (MWC) at the Nokia booth (Hall 3, Stand Number 3B10).

To learn more about our complete set of enterprise level capabilities, visit http://developer.here.com.

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