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How to use HERE for Android like a boss

Last week, we had a look at how you can get the most out of HERE for Android. In case you missed it, you can make HERE the default map app on your Android smartphone among other tips. As The Guardian says, HERE for Android shows off our “experience in mapping, navigation and transport/traffic information”, so let’s see what are the additional ways you can use it like a boss.

HERE-collect-tallAdd your home and work to your collections

Unless you work from home, the chances are you make the journey between your house and work more often than any other, and as we’ve mentioned above it makes sense to keep tabs on traffic and arrival times using HERE. It also makes sense to add your home and work to your Collections then, making it easy to select the destination without having to type it in each time. Simply enter the address, and when it shows up on the map, tap it and then press ‘Collect’.

Transit updates and information

Navigation isn’t just for people in cars. You can also get all the latest travel information for public transit with HERE for Android. Type your destination, click the directions button to start, and then you’ll be able to pick the type of navigation you want. The tab in the middle with a tram icon offers all you need to get there using public transit, from the bus you need to catch, the duration and even directions to the nearest bus stop or train station. What more could you want?


Share your location

Meeting a friend for lunch? It’s easy to let them know exactly where you’ll be with HERE for Android – simply tap and hold the destination on the map, and then drag up the menu from the bottom. Pressing the Share button will let you share using Glympse, or you can also share via email, social networks, messages, PDF or even a Dropbox account.


Change the map orientation

Struggle to read a map when you’re walking along? If you can’t get your head around where you should be going, it’s easy to change the orientation of the map so the direction you’re heading in is always at the top of the map. All you need to do is tap the green location button at the bottom left to highlight your position, and then tap it again to turn the map so it’s facing in the same direction as you. If you decide you preferred the other view, tap the button a third time.

The difference is night and day

If you find your eyes straining when checking out HERE for Android, you may find it worth switching permanently to day or night mode, with darker and more muted colours on offer for the latter, and brighter, more vibrant maps on the former. To switch, tap Menu > Settings > Day/Night view, and pick the option that works best for you. HERE for Android can also automatically switch between the two modes according to the time of the day or night.

These are our suggestions, but let us know if you have found other ways to get the most out of HERE for Android.

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