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Video: what’s on show from HERE at CES 2015

At CES Las Vegas yesterday, HERE announced a partnership with BMW on connected cars, but we have more to show at booth CP2 on Central Plaza and for those who can’t be there, we’ve prepared a video to show you what’s kept us busy over the last few months.

HERE for Android

Many of you know us for the Android app we recently released on here.com and Google Play. In 12 weeks it has been downloaded almost 2.5 million times. In many countries it’s the top app in the Travel & Local section and it’s been featured by many blogs as one of the best Android apps of 2014. We’re grateful for this groundswell support and we’re happy to receive your feedback and suggestions.


Car owners know that smartphones are no longer the only devices we expect to be connected to the Internet. As an increasing number of cars are connected, we can deliver great location experiences leveraging relationships we built with car makers over the years.

HERE Auto grew from our decades-long experience working with the auto industry and in the consumer electronics industry. It brings together the best of both worlds to elevate the car into a true connected device. You can preplan your journey with your smartphone, enter the car knowing that all your driving preferences are automatically synchronized in the cloud, get turn-by-turn navigation from the car console and then continue with you smartphone on foot from the parking to the destination. Car makers can personalize the experience the way they want with the HERE Auto SDK.

On the road, HERE Auto relies on our cloud services such as parking suggestions, fuel station search, safety alerts and real-time traffic information to personalize the journey for every driver.

HERE Predictive Traffic

Speaking of traffic, at CES we’re also showing the current status of our Predictive Traffic first available to select business customers and soon also through our apps. As the name suggests, Predictive Traffic will allow you to know the best time to get on the road. We believe that you prefer to avoid traffic all together rather than find yourself in the middle of it, desperately searching for a way out.

HERE Reality Capture

None of smartphone and in car experiences could be possible without first creating an accurate model of the world. We do that with our reality capture cars, planes and with an army of cartographers. Most importantly, we’re building high definition (HD) maps to enable highly automated driving.

What gets you most excited? Leave your feedback on HERE 360 or visit us at CES, booth CP2 on Central Plaza.

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