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Finish your Xmas shopping in a hurry with HERE

With Christmas creeping up on us, it's time to think about grabbing those last few presents (or even all of those presents, if you've not even started yet!), but it's already too late to avoid the hoards of shoppers. Don't worry though, as HERE can help you to finish your Christmas shopping, from finding shops and handy points to interest, to plotting routes and avoiding crowds, to taking the stress out of journeys. Read on to find out more!


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LiveSight, the augmented reality technology of HERE, can overlay map information on the view from the camera on your Windows Phone handset. It means you'll be able to see what shops are in the local area while you actually look around, helping you to spot which shops are the busiest, and hopefully making your Christmas shopping a lot easier. Along with telling you what shops are where, LiveSight also offers up distances, making it easy to see which ones you should visit first.

Points of Interest

HERE maps offer millions of points of interest (POI), and they could help to make all the difference when it comes to finishing up your Christmas shopping. It's not just about finding shops you knew nothing about either, with points of interest coming in particularly handy for finding the nearest cash machines, grabbing lunch during your day out, or simply finding alternatives if the shop you're in is too busy. You can search for relevant POIs also with the category search available on Android, Windows Phone and more recently also on here.com.

HERE-walkingWalk routing

It’s easy to select the type of directions you want when you’re using HERE apps, and they’re not just restricted to vehicles either. You can also select navigation for pedestrians, getting the quickest, shortest routes for your trip into town. It means you’ll be able to plan the best way around the shops you need to visit, taking short cuts and cutting down on any unnecessary mileage.

Public Transport

Your own car may be the way to go when it comes to longer journeys, but it can be a pain driving into town at this time of year. With thousands of other people having the same idea and trying to sort out their Christmas shopping, roads quickly become gridlocked, and that 20-minute journey can easily take an hour or more. Thankfully there's a solution in the form of HERE transit directions. You can check out the latest public transport information, from the buses you need to catch nearby bus stops and even journey times, letting you plan your trip in and out of town with military precision, and it'll be a lot less stressful than driving.

HERE Traffic

And if you do need to take your car into town, HERE has you covered. HERE makes it easy to see which roads are the busiest, with colour coding that shows up routes that are worth avoiding, and you can also get alternative traffic-free directions when necessary.

Find parking

At this time of year, one of the biggest hassles with Christmas shopping can be parking, and it’s far too easy to spend hours circling round looking for a parking space. HERE can help though, and the latest category search on here.com makes it easy to track down all the parking facilities in your local area. And once you’ve found a decent parking lot, you’ll also be able to save it to your Collections so you can revisit using HERE maps on your Windows Phone or Android handset.



It’s the Collections feature that could come in the most useful when you’re doing your Christmas shopping too. You’ll be able to enter the addresses of the shops you need to visit, or even pick different locations when browsing the maps, and then save them in your Collections so you can visit later on. It means there’s no chance of missing a shop off your list when you’re out and about, and it’ll always be easy to find your way back again.

Detailed shopping areas

HERE provides indoor maps for 90,000 buildings around the world, with some fantastic examples spotted at this year’s World Cup, and there are also plenty of equally detailed maps available for shopping areas. Check out London’s Covent Garden or Bicester Outlet Village for starters, with detailed information and layouts of all the shops on offer, meaning you can plan exactly where you’re going before you even get there.

So even if you leave your Christmas shopping until the last minute, as long as you take advantage of HERE you’ll still be able to get things done with as little effort as possible!


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