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Video: the craft and science behind HERE maps

How are HERE maps created? The answer isn’t so simple as you might expect. That’s why we made this video to explain the process.


HERE maps aren’t magically created in a computer, though that is certainly a part of the journey. The information comes from a variety of sources. From satellites and from planes initially, but in some ways, this is the lowest resolution of map we deal with. From HERE mapping vehicles, collecting 700,000 points a second to pick up every nuance of city streets in three dimensions. We acquire open data and other official sources. And then, of course, there are the members of our HERE Map Creator communities, extending our reach and rapidly adding local knowledge.

Once collected, of course, all this data needs to be knitted together to create the full picture – and all of that takes people, checking and interrogating at every stage.

Hope you liked the video. Are you surprised at how hard it is to make maps?

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