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here.com reinvented with a new look and cool features

Today, a better, faster and stronger here.com is ready for you. You may have already seen some of the new features in the beta programme that many of you joined to provide precious feedback. The new here.com brings a fresh category search feature, a traffic view focused on your route and more rich content for places.


Let’s take a closer look at what’s new.


You can now log-in to here.com with the new HERE account. If you've been using HERE for Android, HERE for Nokia X or if you've been part of the here.com beta programme, the chances are that you have already created a HERE account. If you're using HERE for Windows 8.1 or Windows Phone 8.1, watch out for the update we’re rolling out right now and you will be able to transform your Nokia account into a new HERE account. Once you’re all set, you can browse your collections on all HERE-powered devices, from smartphones to tablets to cars.


Get traffic info for your regular route


If you're affected by traffic on your regular route, this new feature will help you prepare for it. In addition to exploring the traffic in your area, you can save your daily commute to view the traffic situation relevant to you. Once you've set your commute, add here.com/traffic/explore to your favourites for one click access to your daily journey.


The comprehensive traffic view boasts a new feature called Jam Factor, which highlights traffic conditions in specific areas, rating the traffic between free flowing and stopped, helping you to plan your journeys better.


Explore nearby points of interests


We also added a cool category 'search and explore' feature showing you nearby places by category. Click on the search bar to explore places in the current view by category from parking facilities to snack bars.


More place details

Last but not least, more places now have great images. We have added several new sources of places imagery, including Foursquare and Expedia, to augment the previous rich content from TripAdvisor and other local guides.

We are also updating our street level coverage with higher resolution images from our newest cars.


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