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The future of cities is literally 'touch-and-go'

“Cities in Europe and all over the world need to get smarter,” said Peter Preuss, from our Urban Mobility division, addressing the Urban Future Conference in Graz, Austria, today on the issues that face our cities and how HERE will help to solve them.


In Europe, 70 per cent of the population lives in cities. They’re responsible for 80 per cent of its economic growth.


On the downside, they’re also far too crowded to get around and pollution levels are borderline toxic in many cases. Cities are responsible for 23 per cent of CO2 emissions and 80 billion euros are lost in productivity each year due to traffic congestion.

So, Peter continued, “We need less congestion and less pollution. Commutes have to be shorter. Infrastructure has to be greener, and we have to encourage more people to take advantage of public transportation.”

Where HERE comes in, is that, “Using the world’s most advanced map, we’re powering smarter logistics, safer and more efficient journeys and reducing emissions through advanced traffic, parking and navigation apps.”


With this in mind, HERE has formed the new Open Mobile Ticketing Alliance (OMTA) – an initiative between HERE, ticketing and e-payment suppliers, and transit authorities. Its goal is to allow payment using the Near Field Communications (NFC) chip in your smartphone for your ticket on transit services across the world.

Public transportation “will ultimately play a huge role in reducing emissions and boost economic growth by ensuring that all members of society are mobile -- not just those who own a car,” Peter said.

Of course, though, he concluded, that is just one part of a collection of uses from HERE which aims to empower people to travel more easily:

Imagine, using your mobile device, you can purchase train tickets, rent a car, order a taxi or even find parking, Peter told the audience.

“What we’re trying to do at HERE is reduce the friction in the system, and make it easier for people to find what they’re looking for,” he concluded.

“It’s about creating that seamless journey that best fits your needs.”

image credits: Kevin Dooley, Dick Thomas Johnson

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