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Developers can now help themselves to HERE services

Building apps powered by HERE has become easier than ever with self-service access to our developer tools.


Our portal offers developers a menu of location services grouped together as subscription plans, giving users a clear and easy way to find and order what they need, right on the spot.

There’s also a free 90-day trial of the services, so you’ve got three months’ free access to the full range of APIs and tools regardless of whether you’re developing for consumers or enterprise. In fact, for low-volume consumer applications, there’s also a totally free plan you can sign up for.

The introduction of self-service access is good news for developers, of course, and also good news for end-users, since it’s lowering the barriers to powering location in your apps with the best maps in the business. Head over to developer.here.com and look for the ‘Sign Up Now’ button.

Through the link, you’ll find details for different types of plans, and how to get keys for the free trial or the free plan for consumer-facing apps.


So it’s simple to get started. But what do developers themselves have to say about using HERE services?

Peter Brack works for Fichtner IT Consulting, an enterprise-focused solutions provider that’s part of the Fichtner Group. With offices all round the world, the Group is headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany. Peter’s particular department focuses on smart IT solutions with spatial reference for the Group’s customers.


Peter tells us: “HERE offers a wide variety of APIs to use within different software systems and development environments. The services themselves are very fast and reliable for productive use.”


Over in Gdynia, Poland, Bartosz Rożan is project director at software house DeSmart, who specialise in mobile and web apps. They actually created the spiffy new version of the HERE WordPress plugin you can see showing locations in this post. Working on the project, he came to very similar conclusions to Peter about the HERE APIs: “Using the HERE API was very pleasant. It is stable, intuitive and well-documented.”

So would they recommend that other developers give it a try?

Bartosz is convinced: “Yes, I would recommend the use of HERE maps in their projects. I think that the graphics layer is much better than the competition offers. And the feature set is at least as good.”

Peter points to ease-of-use – “Our first task was to implement catchment areas, which was no problem at all. As HERE RESTful services are very well-documented and based on an acknowledged technology, it was very simple to realize the first implementations.”

But he also points to some more specialised functionality as key differentiators from competing products in the market. “HERE REST services and – above all – their unique selling points like Isoline Routing or Truck Routing are fast, reliable and flexible to implement.”

We’re looking forward to more developers trying out HERE and to seeing what they have been able to create using our services.

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