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HERE grows its business reach with SAP deal

HERE has been selected as the location intelligence partner for the SAP HANA enterprise software platform.

Like HERE, SAP is a hidden gem to many people. It powers the software behind brands and services all of us use every day.

If you pick up a fresh sandwich for lunch, for example, SAP-powered software may well have been behind every step from the farmer’s field to the counter of your favourite deli.

Getting you that sandwich involves a lot of location intelligence. Where are the stores that need ingredients? Where is the freshest source? Which carriers are available and where are they now? What’s the best route to get those ingredients to the stores and how long will it take?

The enterprise grade databases and apps to answer those questions (and many more) for businesses are routinely created using SAP platforms, and those apps will now be able to tap into map data, traffic information and routing algorithms from HERE to get the answers.

[FUN FACT: SAP CEO, Bill McDermott, started his career working in a deli. Of course, then, being the sort of person who goes on to run a major corporation, one year later and aged 16, he bought the whole store.]

Location intelligence is crucial for any company that needs to be able to answer important questions. Insurers, for example, can use SAP HANA to better understand their risks with an app that calculates the likely cost implications of tropical storms hitting the southeast coast of America. The video below shows how the app manipulates millions of sophisticated data points underneath a simple HERE map-based interface.


SAP HANA is a cloud-based platform that allows businesses to build, deploy and manage databases and apps wherever they need to. It runs both database and apps in memory, making them far faster than was historically possible, and it simplifies the software stack required for these apps. The HERE location cloud, which powers snap-in services like custom maps, routing and real-time traffic for our own enterprise customers, provides a natural match, we think.

This video explains SAP HANA’s advantages in a nutshell:


Hinnerk Gildhoff, development manager, responsible for spatial development, SAP HANA, SAP, said:

"We anticipate that the geo-content and services provided by the HERE Platform, paired with the in-memory and spatial-processing capabilities of SAP HANA, will enable customers to simplify and accelerate the geo-enablement of applications."

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