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Read this first: we answer your questions about HERE for Android

We’ve been bowled over by the reaction to the new HERE for Android app. Gizmodo says that "with accurate mapping tech and friendly user interface, HERE could very well replace Google Maps as your go-to GPS buddy". Thank you for all your feedback. Of course, a lot of questions keep cropping up, so we’ve compiled the answers here – we hope it helps.


1. I have a Nokia account – why can’t I log in? Why do I need a HERE account?

While we’re expanding offering from Windows Phone to Android and iOS, we have introduced a HERE account that will help you sync your favourite places across all devices: PC, tablets, smartphones and cars.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience of needing to make a new account, but it will be better in the long-run, we promise.

HERE accounts are operational on beta.here.com and the apps for Android and Nokia X. They’re coming soon for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1. You can very easily import collections from old Nokia accounts into HERE accounts, so none of your information will be lost - see this blog post for details.

2. My voice files have disappeared – why, and what should I do?

'Cache cleaner' apps will delete the voice files.  We're working on a fix for this, which will be released soon.  In the meantime, try not to use "cache cleaners".  If this has already happened to you, then you will need to uninstall and reinstall to restore the functionality.

This bug has been squished in the latest update. You will have to download voice files one more time, but this time they're safe.

3. Can I run the app from my SD card?

You have a couple of options here. The simplest is to run the app from your main memory, but store offline maps – which are the part of the app with the highest storage requirements - on your SD card by altering the ‘storage memory’ setting in the menu.


It is possible for most Android phones to install whole apps to an SD card but the process is a little technical. (In other words, you’re on your own if something goes wrong.)

4. Why doesn’t it work on my Android L(ollipop) phone?

We tested HERE for Android on the preview build of Lollipop before release, with good results.  However, it is not working on the release build, which was published at more-or-less the same time as our app.  We're working on the issue and a fix should be ready very soon.

The initial beta release didn't work with Android L, but the new one does.

5. What’s the update process for getting new versions of the app?

HERE for Android should get automatic updates, similar to other apps on your phone. But it sometimes depends on the OS version and the specific device used. To make sure you know when fixes are available, we’ll publish notifications on Twitter, Facebook and HERE Three Sixty.

6. Why does your app request permission to use SMS, the phonebook and the call list?

This is because Glympse is integrated into the app, and it needs these to work. Glympse allows you to SMS or email your friends to let them (temporarily) know where you are.

So these are unusual requests for a maps app, but we think you’re going to love Glympse, which is why we were so keen to have it be integrated into the app.


7. When is it coming to the Google Play Store?

We've been pleased with the initial feedback to the HERE for Android beta and have opened the beta up to users of more smartphones than just Samsung Galaxy. As this is a beta, we wanted to ensure beta testers had all the information they need and know how to give us the feedback we're looking for, which is why we are hosting the download from here.com. At this moment in time, we’re focusing on getting feedback on the beta, rather than on what will happen when the app graduates from the beta.

8. When is it coming to iOS?

We are working on something that’s already being tested internally. More soon.

9. Will you add this feature request?

Thank you for all the feedback and suggestions – keep them coming. It helps us prioritise our backlog and understand better what people want. In fact, we’re already working on some features that have been suggested because of your feedback.

image credits: Michael Hell


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