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Easy Taxi, MetroView and Grab Taxi use HERE to find you a taxi

Uber may have been grabbing the headlines recently, but there are plenty of other apps when it comes to getting around by taxi. We had a look at Easy Taxi, Grab Taxi and Metroview to see what they have to offer and why they chose HERE to power their services.


A success story for HERE

Building a taxi app can be more difficult than you may think. The main question to answer is indeed: which driver can get to you in the shortest time? This is why, as soon as you make a booking request with any of these services, they use HERE’s Isoline Routing API to determine the location and identity of potential cab drivers, with traffic conditions also included in the equation.

You may have seen how our engine works in the data visualization project we established with the Potsdam University in Germany: for each point on a map you can easily find how far you can go at different time of the day and the week. By inverting the algorithm, HERE can calculate in which areas an available taxi driver has to be to promptly pick you up.


The adoption of HERE maps for Easy Taxi, Grab Taxi and MetroView represents a huge win for HERE, highlighting the fact app developers trust HERE’s automotive-grade maps, technical customer support and strong local relationships.

This is particularly true in the countries where these apps are most popular: in Colombia for instance, we easily understand the complexity of the local street name and house number system. HERE knows that Calle 74 #13-27 in Bogotà corresponds to the intersection of Calle 74 with Carrera 13 at the house number 27, in other words, the Royal Park Metrotel.

Easy Taxi

Easy Taxi offers a lot more than just the ability to (virtually) hail a cab, proving the perfect app for companies wanting to manage transportation for employees. Journeys can be paid for using your smartphone, so you’ll never need to worry about being caught short when it comes to cash. The app also provides online management reports, which lets businesses monitor expenses.

The app is available in 33 countries and over 170 cities worldwide and growing. Better yet, Easy Taxi uses HERE for its mapping on Windows Phone, and the company told us:

“We chose HERE for its reliable map solutions and its global presence. Furthermore, HERE provided us with some exclusive functionalities that are hard to find on the market. With HERE, we can provide our customers with the best experience inside the app."

EasyTaxi is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.


Image credit: aerogondo2

Grab Taxi

If you just want to hail a taxi and need it as soon as possible without any thought to monitoring long-term expenses, Grab Taxi could be the app for you. Grab Taxi is designed to let you book and identify the cab that’s nearest to your location at any point, and with the company using HERE APIs for directions, traffic updates and custom location APIs.

You’ll always have access to the closest drivers, keeping you waiting around for the shortest amount of time possible, but the additional speed does come at a slight price – you’ll need to pay a small booking fee on top of your taxi charge.

You can download GrabTaxi for your Android, iOS, Windows Phone or BlackBerry smartphone.


A service with a slightly different emphasis, MetroView works with MT Data, the largest Australian designer and manufacturer of advanced taxi dispatch, GPS tracking and fleet management solutions. With access to over 20,000 taxis, it helps MetroView to offer an efficient and reliable taxi booking service in Australia and New Zealand, with plans to expand around the world.

Along with appearing on navigation devices in taxis across Australian and New Zealand, HERE services also make an appearance in the dispatch offices of taxi companies, making sure you’ll always be assigned the best vehicle for your needs. And with both dispatch offices and taxis getting access to the latest HERE updates, you’ll also find your journey takes the quickest and most inexpensive route possible.

Even if you’re not a taxi driver, you can use MetroView with your iOS or Android smartphone

Have you tried out Easy Taxi Grab Taxi or MetroView yet? If you have, leave a comment and let us know what you think.


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