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HERE, msg global and SAP map the future of insurance

Using location services to help safe drivers lower their rates.


When it comes to car insurance, if you’re younger, you’re often at a disadvantage. Statistically, young people have more accidents, so they get charged more for their policy.

This isn’t always very fair: maybe you only drive a few miles a week. Or only drive at ‘off-peak’ times.

Thankfully technology is coming to the aid of drivers at a disadvantage with the rise of ‘pay-as-you-drive’ insurance and msg global has been leading the way with mobile phone powered solutions.

The leading IT solutions consultancy has been working with SAP, HERE and insurer Swiss Mobiliar to create what are known as ‘telematics’ or ‘black-box’ insurance solutions.

The 'black box' refers to an in-car device that measures how much you drive, and maybe other factors, like what time it is, the speeds you reach or the areas you drive in, and uses that information to create a ‘score’ that decides how much you pay for your insurance.


Location enriched data

Location is a key component of helping insurers make sense of this data.


Sven Roehl’s the man at msg global with responsibility for mobile and location intelligence solutions. He joined the company three years ago, but has been working on location solutions – many of them powered by HERE – for 15 years, notably as part of the EU Working Group for eCall.

“Our first solution for mobile insurance came in 2012 and is called MyMile,” Sven explains. “It’s an SAP-certified app that sits on your mobile phone. It records all the data about where you are, how far you’ve driven and other data to allow pay-as-you-drive.”

“We use HERE location services to enrich the data that’s recorded on the phone. The app records GPS tracks – then, by putting the data through HERE, those tracks get translated into actual roads and places. Only HERE was able to supply the level of accuracy and transparency required by our clients for this,” Sven concludes.

Putting the full package together

In some ways, msg global already had the pieces it needed for a fully-functioning pay-as-you-drive solution. But one very important part was missing – an SAP-certified server back-end that could be owned by insurers, and sit in their premises. It’s now been working with its customer Swiss Mobiliar to create this all-in-one solution.

“Insurance companies don’t want to give their customers' data to a third-party. And customers don’t like it either. The insurers themselves want to keep that data secure and be able to configure how the system keeps score,” he continues.


As this is a pretty new field, insurers want to be able to experiment with different scoring mechanisms, to find the ideal mix. Maybe they want to create special offers. Or come up with something different, to distinguish themselves from competitors.

“The amount of control we offer with our solution makes us unique in the industry,” says Sven.

image credits: TheTruthAbout, Damian Morys

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