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Fresher maps for your Windows Phone

It only seems like a week or two since HERE maps were updated for the World Cup, but already there’s another update out, with a host of new features and details on the way. So what can you expect from the latest map update? We take a look.

The latest HERE update includes a mass of extra details, covering everything from more comprehensive mapping in smaller countries, to better quality 3D landmarks in some more-established cities, to point address rendering in several new territories.

To update the maps, grab your Windows Phone and open the Settings app, then tap applications > maps > check for updates. Because the update only contains the streets and other details we refreshed or improved, the amount of data you have to download is limited to the minimum.

Update Maps

What can you actually expect from the new update though? Mauritius is one of the main locations to benefit, with the map getting a comprehensive overhaul. Island shapes and rough street coverage has now been upgraded to a detailed coastline and comprehensive street network coverage, making it far easier to plan your holiday and explore the likes of Port Louis using your Windows Phone.

Port Louis copy

More impressive 3D landmarks

3D landmarks can make a massive difference when you’re navigating an unfamiliar location, making it easy to compare exactly what’s around you with what you’re seeing onscreen. And the latest update brings better quality textures to important 3D landmarks, with more detail on offer for the more famous locations.

3D building

Point address rendering introduced for new countries

The latest update also sees ‘point address rendering’ for a lot more countries – that’s to say, you can browse the map and see at-a-glance where addresses and buildings are on along the streets. A visual representation of exact addresses makes it a lot easier to find your destination, so good news.

Point Addresses

Point address rendering has now been enabled in the following countries and regions:

France, South Africa, Netherlands, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Baltics, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovakia, Israel, Kazakhstan, Puerto Rico.

Have you already updated the maps on your Windows Phone? Let us know in the comment section below




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