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25% more cars powered by HERE in 2014

Nokia reported its half year results today, and to say a lot has changed in the past six months for our Finnish parent is an understatement. So far it’s been a big year for HERE, too.


A whopping 6.1 million new cars drove out of the showroom with HERE maps on board in the first half of 2014. That represents a 25 per-cent increase compared to the same period last year. It’s the highest total for any six-month period since we went into business.

The growth follows a bunch of new and expanded agreements we’ve made with major car companies, such as Honda and Mitsubishi, over the past 18 months. In January, we partnered with Continental to put even more connected vehicles on the road. At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February, we teamed up with Volvo to bring the embedded location services to more people.


We’re already the leader in automotive, with four out of five cars of the expanding market for in-dash navigation systems in North America and Europe powered by HERE.

In a report earlier this month, Roger Lanctot of Strategy Analytics acknowledged our leading market share in the automotive industry versus one of our rivals TomTom, which only has a handful of embedded automotive customers. “In fact, one of TomTom’s last U.S. clients, BMW, recently shifted to HERE maps,” he wrote.

Outside of the car market, HERE has also established new and expanded partnerships with Accenture, Canonical (the company behind Ubuntu) and TeliaSonera among others this year.


But we’re not standing still. In February, we launched mobile software development kits on both Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS platforms, so that government agencies and companies could gain access to HERE maps, regardless of which eco-system they prefer.

Our friends at Yahoo! integrated full Venue Maps from HERE for places like shopping malls and sports stadiums into their maps in March, letting you see inside such locations. HERE has indoor maps of more than 90,000 buildings in 71 countries. That’s more than Google, according to Patrick Connolly, senior analyst with ABI Research.

The $7 billion sale of Nokia’s Devices & Services business, which closed in April, cemented our status as the leading independent location giant globally. Today, HERE services cover nearly 200 countries. We offer navigation in 97 countries, transit directions in over 800 cities across 53 countries and traffic management in 42 countries. HERE has hundreds of cars driving around every day, each capturing around 700,000 data points per second. We collect nearly 60 billion probe points per month and 85 per-cent of our data is under five minutes old. The result is an astonishing 2.7 million updates to our maps every day.


“I am extremely proud of all that we have accomplished since the start of HERE two years ago,” HERE CEO Michael Halbherr told us.

As we settle into the second half of 2014, what we’re seeing is that our world-class mapping assets, global reach and independence from one specific operating system or device gives us a unique opportunity to provide our customers with choice and get people where they want to go (sometimes without them asking).

Strategy Analytics sees it too. Just ask Mr. Lanctot: “Unlike Apple and Google, HERE is able to support its customers’ ecosystems and platforms without any intrusive ulterior motives.”

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