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The Indonesian HERE superusers putting the country on the map

The Indonesian Map Creator community is one of our most active and productive, with members adding hundreds of thousands of kilometres and points-of-interest (PoIs) to the map in one of the largest countries in the world.


This Map Creator community is extraordinarily valuable to HERE because Indonesia is enormous. And enormously complex, from a mapping point-of-view.

It’s one of the largest countries in the world, but it’s spread out over a vast archipelago of more than 13,000 islands, spanning three time-zones. And only about 6000 of those islands are inhabited.

Its population is larger than that of Brazil (250mn versus 203mn), making it also the fourth most populous country in the world. And Java is home for about 60 per cent of them, which in turn makes it the most heavily populated island in the world. For comparison, Java on its own has about the same population as Russia.

Many cities and suburbs are going through significant rebuilding and expansion. On the other hand, forests cover 60 per cent of the land area of the archipelago and vast swathes are uninhabited.

So it’s complex, as we said.

Opening up the map

HERE has had significant road coverage and POIs in Indonesia for quite some time. However, the team wanted to launch the HERE creator community program with an intention to get deeper coverage in the country of such huge size and complexity. The program was targeted to unlock the potential of the community in a country which ranks very high on number of active users on prominent social media platforms.

The Map Creator community contributed very considerably to our efforts. The images below show the map ‘before and after’ the community’s efforts were added.


indonesia_b4after A section of the map before and after the community got involved.


The expert community is active across the major islands from east to west and north to south: the community is strongly inclined to respond to a programme like this.


An event in Jakarta last month called out some of the superstars of the community for their efforts.

Their achievements have been nothing short of super-human:

Post-graduate student Nor Khadzik Khoirur Rahman joined the HERE Map Creator programme this February. But in less than six months, he has contributed more than 30,000km of new roads and more than 13,000 PoIs to the map.

Physics student in Jogjakarta Fauzi Rachman joined at the same time as Nor, and has racked up more than 29,000km of new roads and 2,900 new PoIs.

Cipto Tri Utomo is a local government employee in Lombok. Over the same period, he has contributed an astonishing 45,000km of roads and more than 6,000 PoIs.

Sanggi Rizki Paisal works as an administrator at a school in West Java. A Nokia phone user since the days of the N95, he’s added more than 36,000km of new roads and more than 7,000 PoIs.

Wayan Agus Ferianto is a student at the STAH Lampung University. Between classes, he’s contributed more than 25,000km of new roads and over 400 PoIs.


The work of these superusers means that on July 1, they were inducted into the HERE expert community programme. This honour reflects not just quantity of their input, but also its quality, and might also be awarded for other qualities such as leadership or character. They are the first members of this expert community, worldwide.

This induction program for the supersusers has an objective to gather all the top contributors to share their knowledge with other mapping enthusiasts, play an important role in the map-making process and contribute in those aspects of mapmaking which are hyper-local.

What makes a superuser?

Aside from their amazing contribution, one thing that’s very notable about these map-makers is their motivation. For these guys, it’s not about getting a better job, or helping with studies, and there’s no monetary incentive. It’s about giving back and having a better map.

Wayan said he wanted to, “Help to improve the map coverage around [his] neighbourhood.” For Cipti, it helps with his regular work and hopes it will help others: “HERE Maps is powerful tools for me if I need to travel around the Lombok island … I expect it will help a lot of people when they need to travel in Lombok Island.”

Fauzi said, “I joined HERE Map Creator because I would like to give something to my hometown.” While Nor says that better maps help with his job, but also that he’s, “really passionate to contribute and build maps.”


Maps help us understand our world, and map-making helps feed what the American poet Wallace Stevens called our “blessed rage for order”. HERE Map Creator helps people satisfy their need to put the world in order and understand their place inside it. For these map-makers, the act of giving something back to their community is also a strong motivation.

Have you contributed to our maps at all – either through Map Creator or by pointing out errors? How would you describe your motivation?

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