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Earth Explorer: HERE-powered app of the week

Earth Explorer is an app for Windows Phone that does exactly what it says on the tin. It makes it easy to view and explore the areas around you, along with searching for new and different locations at the tap of a button. The maps show up in satellite view, at an angle, and as a result buildings and structures really come to life.


As soon as you open Earth Explorer, it zeros in on your location, showing where you are. There are buttons to spin left or right, letting you check out the surrounding area, and you can also drag the map with your finger to look further afield or use gestures to manipulate the maps.

While your location appears on the map as standard, it’s also possible to search for different places. You can search by city, address or postcode, and once again you’ll get a great satellite image of the location.

If there’s a place you particularly like, or want to explore at a future point, you can double tap it and give it a name, adding it to your ‘Places’. You’ll then be able to select it from the list of places to visit it again near instantly.


Once you’ve saved a place, it’s also possible to share with friends, with the option to ‘send through email’ offered by Earth Explorer. And if you receive a place, Earth Explorer will launch automatically to let you view it.

The app comes in particularly useful if you’ve been on holiday and want to show off where you’ve visited, or you want to share famous landmarks and locations with friends.

Although there’s a free version of Earth Explorer, it does come with adverts that get displayed across the top of the app. If you like it and want to get rid of them, there’s also a paid version – costing £0.99 – of Earth Explorer.

Overall, Earth Explorer is an easy app to like. It’s beautifully simple, single-minded, and easy to get to grips with. It may not offer a massive list of options or features, but it does make it easy to explore both new and familiar places, and that’s exactly the point.

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