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HERE powered app of the week: Glympse

Glympse for Windows Phone is an app that uses HERE maps to help you to share your location with colleagues, friends and family. They show how close you are to a designated spot and how long it will take you to get there.


It’s really handy if you’re travelling to meet someone, but are delayed for some reason. The recipient of the Glympse message can see for themselves where you actually are – but only for a designated time period. Once that period has expired, your privacy is restored.

Glympse offers several different options when you share your location, and each can come in particularly handy for different functions. The app can monitor your speed, for instance, updating people when you get stuck in traffic.

You can continually share your location, letting the people who care about you know that you’re on your way to the meeting. Or you can simply use it to tell people where you’re going to be, where they can find you, and when you’ve arrived.

Get started


The main menu shows where you currently are on a central tile. You can tap the large button below it to share your location, or you can check out previous ‘Glympses’ that you’ve shared or that friends have shared with you. You might set your place of work as a favourite, for example, if traffic or public transport failures make arriving on time tricky on a regular basis. Or, if you’re meeting friends at a place they don’t know, send them a Glympse so they can just follow the map.

It’s easy to change the time limit for Glympses, so if you share your location it will expire after a specific amount of time, or if the delays to your journey continue, you can extend their duration.

Broadcast the speed you’re traveling at

It’s even possible to broadcast the speed at which you’re traveling, so if you’re meeting up with friends they’ll be able to track when you’re on the road, and what sort of progress you’re making.

And because a Glympse can share your exact location, it means friends will never have any trouble finding you – they can simply open the app and see where you are on a map.

Throw in the ability to coordinate your nights out – sending out invites detailing time and location, along with the ability to pin your favourite Glympses to your Start Screen, and there’s a lot to love about Gympse.

Have you tried Gympse yet? Give it a whirl on your Windows Phone and let us know what your favourite features are.

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