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With Medio, the HERE location platform is about to get smarter

Today HERE announces plans to strengthen its ability to help businesses make better decisions and to deliver highly personalised maps by acquiring Medio. HERE will use Medio’s technology and capabilities to create a dedicated real-time predictive analytics platform capable of building, analysing and personalising an index of the world.


You don’t even have to ask for it

At HERE, we like to see maps as answers to everyday questions from ‘how long will my commute to work take today?’ to ‘what is London’s most fashionable neighbourhood?’ to ‘where should I live in Chicago if I love green spaces?’

Maps can also answer the questions that businesses have in order to help them make better decisions. Questions such as ‘which billboards in a city provide the best return on investment?’ and ‘what are the most fuel-efficient routes for our delivery fleet?’ Maps should provide the right answer at the right time and it’s our job to make sure they do.


In the future, along with providing a personalised and engaging experience, new maps will anticipate what people want before they ask. We call it ‘cognitive mapping’. Our CEO, Michael Halbherr, describes it as “maps that understand their environment and anticipate people’s intent in order to deliver interactive and smart location experiences”.

Understanding your needs

We live in a world of sensors and connected devices. Smartphones, wearables and even cars are connected to the cloud. But the rich data created by these devices often sits unused. That’s where Medio comes in: analysing people on the go to help companies better understand their customers and in turn, their own business. By adding predictive intelligence to our maps, we can help businesses make better decisions, all while creating the world’s first “index of the real-world”.

Medio, for example, has been helping T-Mobile US to better engage with customers on its mobile portal site. It analysed their interests, likes and dislikes to determine, in a fraction of a second, the best editorial content and offers for each reader. Medio’s predictive and continuously learning models meant that people received content they enjoyed and personally relevant offers. That relevance helped T-Mobile achieve a 517 per-cent increase in revenues for paid services and a 490 per-cent increase in page views.

By adding Medio’s intelligence to our maps we can help businesses make better decisions and give people highly personalised maps that change according the situation to help answer all the questions they face through their day.

Predicting for a purpose

In fact, Medio’s technology can be easily extended to analyse behaviours focused on location. HERE could show personalised place recommendations in real-time on smartphones, the Web and in cars, by examining people’s place history and preferences. Or we could predict likely traffic patterns and recommend best alternate routes based on those predictions.

We’re super-happy to welcome Medio to the HERE family: their talent and technology is going to help us build the future of intelligent maps.

Are you excited too? Let us know in the comment section below.

image credit: Martin Fisch

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