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Mobile Apps Developers Features HERE Apps

Inside out: developers offered access to Venue Maps API

Why has nobody yet made an app that will lead me to the best Caesar salad in Heathrow airport? Or the least-expensive-yet-passable gifts for my nephews in Westfield shopping centre? Or the best place to stand on the station platform to get a seat on my way into town?


Possibly because developers didn’t have good tools that would reveal the necessary information.

That’s partly solved with the release of HERE Venue Maps REST API. This gives developers access to maps and information about thousands of venues across the world – including shopping malls, airports and train stations. It also includes information about entrances and exits; stairs, elevators and escalators; and points-of-information like toilets and cash machines.

What can developers do with this information? Well, clearly, they can make apps that show maps of indoor locations, not just the normal outdoor fare provided by most mapping solutions. They can then perform clever interactions like mashing this up with another data-set, or working out what a person can see on the screen of their device.

The new HERE Venue Maps API is available to all developers, from lone bedroom coders to corporations. The data that’s mapped includes over 75,000 buildings in more than 70 countries worldwide: and the number is growing all the time.


Developers can see, and play with, example code in the Enterprise REST API explorer, and there’s ample technical documentation, for both online or offline reading.

How would you like to see Venue Maps incorporated into new apps?

image credit: Michael Coghlan

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