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Our world is changing and we need new maps

Starting now, Nokia will play a new role in people’s lives, as a leader in robust connectivity, location intelligence and sensors. In particular, HERE will unlock a wide range of futuristic location experiences, providing a quantum leap in maps for people and businesses.


To lead us into the next profound technology shift, in which most people and billions of objects will be connected, Michael Halbherr has been appointed as CEO of HERE.

The world has dramatically changed through connectivity

Over the last 20 years, we have developed technologies that allow us to stay connected anywhere. Mobile phones connect us to friends and family; the Internet connects us to the information grid, and smartphones make both ubiquitous.

Until now, however, we have been connecting people and smart devices to the Internet. Now it’s time for another revolution. It’s time for the intelligence in our devices to transition to the cloud and, from there, transfer into everything we touch.

It truly will be a quantum leap. Not only will most people be connected, but so will hundreds of billions of physical objects -- including cars, home appliances, smartphones, wearables, industrial equipment and health monitors. Such diverse objects will become smart enough to make their own decisions. For instance, cars will be driving autonomously.


Just as increased connectivity between people has changed our lives for the better, this new connectivity between objects and the cloud will enhance our life experiences more than we could ever imagine.

The world needs new maps

Maps are the perfect tool to make sense of how dramatically the world has changed through connectivity, and how it’s about to change even faster and more substantially in the near future.

In fact, we have been using maps for thousands of years to make sense of where we are in relation to the environment and, increasingly, to find answers to everyday questions.

michael“Maps don’t provide answers when they’re overloaded with information. They can only provide answers through abstraction and information reduction. A clear example is the map of the London Tube. By removing unnecessary elements, it clearly serves the purpose of getting from A to B and knowing where to change lines,” said Michael Halbherr.

New public transportation made the London Tube Map necessary in 1931. Today, the world needs new maps because our questions are growing ever more complicated. For example, how do we safely navigate ever-growing urban environments? How can we feel like a local wherever we are?


Because the world needs new maps, HERE is taking full advantage of its leadership in cartography to provide the right map for just about every situation in which people might find themselves, wherever they are. Whether they are at home, in their car, commuting to work, making business decisions, looking for new places to dine, meeting family and friends, or capturing and sharing personal stories, there’s a map for that.

How do you think maps can help shape the future of humanity? Let us know in the comment section below. We’ll answer your questions and share more details of our vision in more blog posts over the next few weeks.

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