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When do you use HERE apps on Windows Phone and Windows: Poll results

Last week we asked you how you use HERE apps for Windows Phone and Windows. Do you prefer to check maps to see where you’re going before you set off on a journey, for instance, or perhaps keep in touch with traffic updates using My Commute in HERE Drive when you’re actually en-route? The results are now in, and it makes for interesting reading!


To keep things as simple as possible, we split our poll into four different options: Using HERE during your journey, Using HERE to plan a route beforehand, Using HERE once you’ve actually arrived at your destination, and Other – asking you to leave a comment and let us know.

Finishing in fourth place, 4.1 per cent of you guys use HERE apps for Windows Phone once you arrive at your destination. That could be anything from checking out local hotels, to finding nightlife and restaurants to stay entertained in an unfamiliar area.

In third place, just under 5 per cent voted for Other, and it’s great to see plenty of feedback too.

Reader Ulf comments: “It depends on the travel. If I walk, cycle, go by train or bus, I would probably use HERE Maps and Transit to prepare my trip beforehand so I know when I have to leave. When I'm using HERE Drive, I'm usually in the car and on the move. HERE Drive helps with the navigation, so I can focus more on the traffic.”


Ulf isn’t the only one to use plenty of different apps depending on the journey, and NaviPhone-Hellas.gr adds: “All of them: Beforehand (plan, collections), during, and after arriving at my destination, using LiveSight, HERE Explore, and I sometimes send my location to friends from HERE Maps via SMS or e-mail. As you can see… I am full of HERE apps!!!” Hear hear!

Reader Karthikeyan is a big fan of HERE’s offline mapping and turn-by-turn navigation, and explains that he uses it: “For/During a cross country journey. My grandmother lives far away, and HERE's offline navigation is all I trust. It’s never let me down!”

That’s just a couple of the comments from you guys though. Check out the original post to see all the feedback, and to find out how everybody else uses HERE apps for Windows Phone and Windows.


And now for the top two…

Back to the poll, and over 30 per cent clicked on Using HERE to plan a route beforehand. It’s great to know; just under a third of you and your fellow HERE fans are well prepared and want to know where you’re going in advance!

That leaves Using HERE during your journey – the option that took first place in our poll, with over 59 per cent of the votes. It’s easy to see why, too; we’re proud of how much you guys love our offerings, from the excellent HERE Maps, to the versatile HERE Transit, to HERE Explore, but it’s the turn-by-turn navigation and offline mapping that really helps HERE Drive to impress.

As reader Ulf points out, HERE turn-by-turn navigation gets you to your destination with the minimum amount of effort, letting you concentrate on driving and keeping you as safe as possible. Throw in the ability to avoid congestion and speed up your journey times, and it’s an unbeatable package!

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